Thursday, September 8, 2022

Vicky & Alaizia's Night Out, Part 5 & 6 (Commission)

(Commissioned by Admiral Squish of OC Vicky and Alaizia.)

"Alaizia stared at the reflection in the mirror over the sink. Vicky loomed behind her, the musclebound amazon holding Alaizia's short, curvy body in the air like she weighed nothing at all. Alaizia's legs were spread wide, her smooth-shaven pussy lips kissing the softball-sized head of Vicky's monstrous futa cock as it throbbed impatiently. Her stomach fluttered with nervous anticipation. It looked impossible. How could such a beast possibly fit in her little gnome body? She felt Vicky's grip tighten, and felt the head grind against her slit, her glistening lips starting to part around the helmet-shaped head. Alaizia swallowed. She knew what was coming. Vicky wouldn't stop until she'd stuffed every last inch inside her.

A few moments later, her camera drone snapped another picture.


"HNNNNNAAHH!~" Alaizia wailed, her tiny frame convulsing as yet another orgasm crashed over her, her short legs kicking and flailing helplessly in the air. She'd lost count of them already. Vicky didn't even slow down, she just growled with pleasure as the gnome's pussy clenched even tighter around her, cum squirting out around the base of her cock. Almost a foot of Vicky's shaft pistoned in and out of Alaizia with each brutal thrust, glistening with cum and pussy juice, the tiled bathroom echoing with the sounds of her fat balls smacking Alaizia's ass over and over, punctuated by moans and grunts of exertion. She felt her balls start to tighten again, her cock throbbing violently as she bottomed out once more. Alaizia felt the bulge in her stomach lurch, a now-familiar sensation, and she knew what was coming. Her legs squeezed around Vicky's waist, too short to really leg lock her, but Vicky got the message clear as day, and slammed her hips down, HARD.

The drone camera flashed one last time, using the last of it's battery to capture the moment, before powering down. Neither woman noticed- the club bathroom continued to echo with their moans of pleasure for hours."

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)


SUBJECT: shortstack, futa, mating press, cowgirl

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