Friday, December 30, 2022

Feet Peeps (New Year)

 (New Year theme pic.)

We're all degenerates.

Have a fantastic New Year, everybody!
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SUBJECT: pipporno, Pipkin Pippa, feet

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2022 Gift-ploitation

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Electric Dreams
(Gift for a code cruncher.)

At least it beats sheeps.

Smiling Francine
(Gift for a WASP fan.)

She gives a mean ride.

SUBJECT: American Dad, Francine Smith



Back for Booty
(Gift for a certrain milf fan.)

She can back that ass and mow down any zomboids.

SUBJECT: Mrs. McPhatass

Go Jubes!
(Gift for a fan of thick Asians.)

Go Go was a Jubilee fangirl.

SUBJECT: Big Hero 6, Go Go Tomago, Jubilee

Lola Balls Out
(Gift for a fan of a baller bunny.)

Lola went out of her way to prove that she still got it.

SUBJECT: Lola Bunny

Having a BLAST
(Gift for a fan of certain houses belonging to owls.)

Someone's been a naughty boi and needs hard turtle justice.

SUBJECT: The Collector, Owl House, Donatello, TMNT


Bubbly Blue
(Gift for a certain femboi.)

It's meant to be filled... to the brim... repeatedly.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Naughty List (Xmas)

(Xmas themed pic.)

While the hubbies are away dealing with the kids, the wives are hard at work dealing out their own brand of punishment.

Have a great Xmas weekend, everybody!

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SUBJECT: Xmas, Mrs Clause, Krampus, Grinch

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Suitclad Seasonal Stuffing (Commission)

(Commissioned by @PurgyReal and @default447.)
"Purgy decided to visit Vallia on the Flotilla for some "Yule Time Fuck Sessions"! The two having a lovely and erotic time in the kitchen, before soon enough Vallia was bouncing on Purgy's thick and massive cock right on the table. Lucky for the two, they finished cooking first before fucking!"

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SUBJECT: Quarian, futa

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Yule Fortunes Arise (Commission)

(Commissioned by Laoxi.)

"Timely cusp of Hallows Eve. Glee brims alight.
But lonely haggard youths abode, jollity devoid beside.

At dimmest night, on gilded sight
Thou onliest host surmise.

So harken wake, to hazy loo.
Brings amaze & delighted surprise.

For this night of nights, a forlorn's respite purview.
Doth yonder butte gleans on him a voluminous eschews.

Hear'yee troth, from shaft to rump bid Merriment guffaw a cheer.
Endow t'thee, alone no more find comfort bequeathed this year."


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SUBJECT: Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

Friday, December 2, 2022

Rakish Night (Commission)

(Commissioned by LPM.)

"On the morrow of Christmas eve where all rested anew, the hallowed dwellings of the sleeping beauty whom boasted habitable tracts & valleys of busty mound.

Upon her came the tidings of a scarlet x-mas clad, looking to endow the steadily waking good little girl's dearest desires begat. Her lovely matron bequeathed her giftee as a saint of ripened cheer; that traverses the wider world with offerings of true hearts longing sincere.

Puzzled by her odd patron's words, the dreary maiden rubs her eyes awake so as to be a quail whence her subject wishes to be heard. Not one to mince words when desires are hot, Amber's beautiful host equates her bounty upon the charmer without more droll commerce. From which three of the most handsome and generously hung young lads o'erleap their handlers knapsack.

Assailing as well as bemusing both their subject and deployers cojouled expat. Amber gazes with longing as the trio comes alive, with bated breath and heaving stacks arise. Her skin burns hot as the crew of boys tease her body lacking abide. One muses with glee the pair before thee are of the finest rack, boasting shameless whether or not each holds an estate contract.

The one below and his other behind make her bounty divine. Hot rods meet lips with a crack of the whip the quavering jelly bum runs estride. Amber heaves and hufs on discovered lust of veril studs untride. The lovely vixen sits up unstriken her first of many for the night rocks appeased, her lustful ward breathes upon harthen sworn she never fathomed such surprise.

Upon finding anew such lewd eschews Amber got what was wished for this night."

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(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)

SUBJECT: Sym-Bionic Titan, Amber, Xmas