Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Lustful Quarian Test (Commission)

(Commissioned by QuarianLover.)

Daro modified the Hallex drug to work on male quarians, Tali & Shala helped out by testing it on Kal'reegar: the side effects were extreme but approved by all.


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SUBJECT: Mass Effect, Kal'reegar, Shala'Raan, Daro'xen, Tali'Zorah

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Induction Grind (Commission)

(Commissioned by TkLm Fan.)

"Ilana could feel her lucidity flitting in and out as she lost herself to the flush pleasures dispensed by Amber and Tiffany. Both lustful Sabre's taking exquisite care, and delight, in indoctrinating their comely new blood. One mega mammary'd vixen finding supreme relish in knowing straight away she was right about Ms. Lunis being a tart like her.

Something Tiff'd mused upon well before seeing the plain jane's dirty little secret in the girl's locker room, while sliding their pussies against each other. Her equally curvy counterpart otherwise found greater pleasure rocking her wide behind back & forth on the nubile waif's face.

As the princess practically lapped up her carnal testers bung and cunny holes, the voluptuous duchess sitting atop her royal brow twists generous flesh mounds around with every wiggle of a giant ass. She secretly hissed dirty praises to her delectable little poppet as though suggestively cooing thanks & praise for her scandalous tongue work with each wet climax the three ladies share between them.

(Full versions found here.)

SUBJECT: Sym-Bionic Titan, Amber, Tiffany, Illana

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Tender Milking Care (Labor Day)

(Labor Day theme pic.)

After Mario's (usual) kart accident, Peach devoted herself to nursing him back to health. It was a hard, repetitive rehab process.

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SUBJECT: Mario, Princess Peach, Nurse Peach

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Jackie and Xochi's Guide To Mastering Amor Prohibido (Commission)

(Commissioned by Jase.)

"Jackie Lynn Thomas' quest to find the Hidden Skatepark of Monte Macabre begins as her floatplane docks at the man-made islands.

The locals say that Victor and Valentino frequent to park, and their babysitter, Xochi Jalapeño, would likely be taking them to a concert at the Sibi Yibi tonight.

The concert is jam packed. Loud music, bright lights and leather jackets everywhere. Vic and Val are up to their usual antics, and Xochi is not particularly happy about the notion that the two might get all three of them banned from the establishment again.

While it was certain fine for Valentino to hold up Victor to see over the crowd, Xochi had to intervene when it was Vic's turn to hold up the heavy set Val for their Mecha Shiva impression. Too late, Val started to topple into Xochi, who in turn ended up falling backwards into Jackie's massive funbags. Xochi's heart skips a beat and face becomes flush when she looks up into the blonde bombshell's gaze.

Jackie helps everyone up to their feet and they exchange introductions. Victor and Valentino are thrilled to be able to help Jackie find the skatepark and high five their new friend. Xochi awkwardly offers to help Jackie gather some supplies from her father's store so they're all ready to depart first thing in the morning.

Xochi leads the band to the convenience store, long since closed for the night. Vic and Val head home in the dark, giving Xochi a little more privacy with Jackie than she was expecting. Fluorescent lights hum to life. Xochi is about to go over the grocery list on the counter but Jackie confronts her about her behavior at the concert, placing her hand over Xochi's.

No more clues needed to be hinted at, Jackie and Xochi embrace. Besita ilícita. They don't get much sleep that night.

(Full versions found here.)

SUBJECT: Victor and Valentino, Xochi Jalapeño, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Jackie Lynn Thomas