Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wendy’s Wardrobe (Commission)

(Commissioned by unown7599.)

"Stuck in her motel room with little else to do, Wendy decided to take snapshots of the myriad of outfits she’d recently purchased at an outlet mall hours before. Might as well, seeing how she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere during her weekend road trip.

First, what she wore that day, the model posed and took a shot of the purple tee and skinny jeans she strutted around the shopping complex with. Next, the booty shorts and tank she’d tended to dress around her house in, the fabric barely containing all the curves she had. After that, the elegant black dress that clung tight to her form, along with the lingerie that left very little to the imagination. Finally, waist high jean short shorts and a bikini with the stars and stripes, perfect for the patriotic holidays coming up for the summer.

Topping it all off, she stripped down to nothing more than her high heels, letting her cock loose and throb to full mast. Two more pics, just for her favorite fans."

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)

SUBJECT: Wendy Fiore, futa

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Quarian milkshake, Part 1 (Commission)

(Commissioned by @QuarianLover & his oc Mama'Zuzh, Papa'Zuzh & Qrukirum)

Kal: So this is the place then, looks pretty unique then any food chain I have been during my time at the citadel.

Tali: Apparently the owners took inspiration from the human American diner style of the 50s or 60s, they couldn't do this back at the Migrant Fleet but now we're back on Rannoch after so long, they want to make that dream come true.

Before Kal can ask more questions they were greeted by the owner in which shock Kal, behind the counter show two massive ass cheeks tight in her suit as she turn over to put down a box of napkins she picked up, roughly 8 ft tall she stand & her massive breast being held behind her apron.

He recognize this massive quarian being mama'zuzh vas zorah, early life & most 1# top quarian pornstar in the whole Migrant Fleet, he admits he knows this as he saw her video during his teenage that he would jerk his cocks cumming in gallons.

Mama: oh hello again miss Tali'zorah & I'm guessing you are Kal'reegar then, what can I get you both~

Tali: I'm feeling risky today mama, give me first two of your "special" mama milkshake, both chocolate & XXL size, then one plate of couple deep fried chicken with hash brown & the other something healthy for later.

Mama: oh quite hungry aren't you today, especially my milkshake this early, don't worry sweetie I have both your shakes ready soon in a bit~

(Massive time skip as not doing whole story here)

Knowing what the milkshake is made with but Reegar can't help it now, mama breast milk is so delicious & horny filled, the definition of age like wine. As they were enjoying their drinks both of them noticed Qrukirum Zrayaxan holding papa'zuzh as walking to the nearest seat.

Papa: please Qrukirum, is it really that time again for you, there are other quarian men & futa quarian that can really need you to fuck & suck them dry, it not a good time as we about it start work.

(as papa plead with a nervous sweat at the 8 ft tall female krogan knowing her insane horny lust for quarian)

Qrukirum: believe me papa, I fucking love quarian cocks so fucking much(& geth cocks too) so fucking huge, so thicc, so long & so full of creamy addictive cum then any races but you papa, I don't know why but your cocks I seem to love a little bit more, idk if age play a part but doesn't matter to me but you I just can't help myself.

(As Qrukirum press her huge tits against his face & dry humping his crotch, she can feel his cocks getting hard & bulging against her firm tough but soft ass)

Qrukirum: look like your friend down there is agreeing with me(using one of her hand to grab his balls to rub & play with, both releasing soft moans, mama come in with the food ready for Tali & Kal only to see Qrukirum riding on top of her husband again)

Mama: oh keelah~ horny again as usual I see Qrukirum you sluty girl, can't get enough of his dicks

(As mama put down the place on a heating lamp & walked to the seat next to them, showing her massive ass & breast press against Qru breast & over papa head)

Qrukirum: granny you know it, now help me pleasure your hunk bubble bum husband twin canon with that lustful thicc sexy body of your~

(As each playing with each other body & papa in the middle, Qru pull out papa huge throbbing cocks out as the two titan woman's start undressing, Kal watch as they do it in front of them, milkshake in effect making Reegar feeling horny, his cocks bulging so hard against his suit. looking back at Tali who still drinking he see her fully horny, rubbing her pussy again her tighten & her nipple getting hard, she look back at him)

Kal: you plan on this someway or somehow didn't you Tali~

(He grab her left ass cheek & gave it a slap making it jiggle, Tali moan like the sluty wife of his)

Tali: I maybe have something to do with this yes, shall we get started while we wait our other wife's Shala'Raan & Daro'Xen and the others admirals Zaal'Koris & Han'Gerrel~

(Both Kal & Tali start undressing themselves, fully cocks out & hard he wasted no time to start fucking her huge ass & pussy again)

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SUBJECT:  MassEffect, Quarian, Krogan

Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Lunis Bloom (Commission)

(Commissioned by TkLm Fan.)

"Proceeding a hot & saucy 'initiation', the newly improved chapter openly displays her glamorous pride. The rest of the Sabres all marvel at said unabashed presentation of Illana's bold adherence into the clique. Each with varied opinionings yet all expediting the same shared glee. The hot Captain at the fore gazed upon her work of art with audation.

Seeing her new big bosom buddy taking to her fiery self only swelled her sense of self-glorification. Monica ululated as she saw how well they're gorgeous addition represented herself, practically feeling such beauty would bring tantalizingly huge things their way in the near future. Amber merely stood there lost in a semi-lucid haze, finding herself unable to stop fondling ample valleys as she ogles at how captivating her fellow blonde had become. Tiffany simply found herself overwhelmed by the odd yet definitively fitting individual joining the Sabre's ranks.

Finding herself practically moved to tears by what she considered too gorgeous for words, therefore, refraining from cheapening Lana's coming out with pointless dialog. As if to break the silence however, Mysner denotes to her thrall that she must partake of two more undertakings to officially make the team. Illana just brandishes a confident smile at the challenge, much to the former's joy."

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)


SUBJECT: Sym-Bionic Titan, Kimmy Mysner, Amber, Monica, Tiffany, Illana

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Vicky & Alaizia's Night Out, Part 3 & 4 (Commission)

(Commissioned by Admiral Squish of OC Vicky and Alaizia.)

"Before the bathroom door had even managed to swing fully closed, Vicky was already struggling with her zipper, and Alaizia noticed the light on her camera drone blinking as it prepared to take another scheduled selfie. On reflex, she raised her hands in a double peace sign and smiled for the camera, holding the pose and waiting for the shutter - but before the flash came, something huge, warm, and heavy smacked down onto the gnome inventor's face, completely covering one lens of her glasses. She gasped in shock - grinding her ass on it hadn't mentally prepared her for the sheer size of the fat, throbbing futa cock now covering half her face! A shiver ran down her spine, and her thighs squeezed together in anticipation. She knew what came next. The camera flashed, finally, capturing the moment of realization for posterity.

The next time the camera flashed, Vicky was gripping Alaizia's pigtails like handlebars, groaning with pleasure as she slammed her hips down, forcing her massive cock past the gnome's stretched lips and deeper into the curvy shortstack's impossibly tight throat! Alaizia's neck bulged obscenely around Vicky's fearsome shaft, her choker strained beyond it's limits as the futa's heavy, cum-filled balls came to rest against her lips - finally, she'd taken the whole thing! Vicky didn't even pause - here hips began to thrust, drawing back and slamming down again, relentlessly pounding the girl's throat like a jackhammer! Vicky's furious thrusts were enough to make an outsider wonder if the girl getting used like a living fucksleeve was actually a willing participant - at least, until they noticed Alaizia's hands, one between her spread thighs and furiously thrusting three slender fingers into her dripping wet pussy, the other eagerly groping and squeezing her exposed breast. As Vicky growled, her fat balls tightening up and her cock throbbing in Alaizia's throat, there was a soft tearing sound - Alaizia's favorite choker split down the middle and fell away from her lewdly-bulging throat. Neither of them noticed its unfortunate demise, both were too lost in the heat of the moment to see it happen."

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)



SUBJECT: shortstack, futa, throatfuck