Sunday, August 30, 2020

Brainstorming: Halloween Draw-a-thon 2020


It's around that time of the year again, when the ghouls and spirits travel the earth... it's Halloween Draw-a-thon, 2020 edition!

I essentially will attemp to draw as much of the suggestions provide by you within the month of October. Similar to last year, I will put up the suggestions I like the most in polls (both public and Patreon) so that people can pick what I should draw.

Here are the tips on getting your suggestions on the polls:

  • Make them Halloween themed.
  • Don’t just suggest your waifu harem, that’s the best way to not get picked (it eats up too much time to draw all that waifu).
  • Don’t just suggest your fetish, like make it fit within the theme at least, or else it’s just as bad as suggesting your dream waifu harem.
  • Link to references of the character(s), especially for obscure characters and subjects.
  • Post suggestions as anonymous: if I know you, you’ll have less chance of getting picked (I hate nepotism so will automatically be bias against those I know).
  • Keep in mind, I'll be interpretting the suggestions myself so it maybe differrent from what you have in your head.

Lets make this another fun filled festive Halloween Draw-a-thon!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Backalley Bitch (Commission)

(Commissioned by Pan for OC.)

Expecting to meet her lover in an alley for some kinky fun, our babe instead finds herself at the mercy of the local stray.



SUBJECT: bestiality, impregnation

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Bending Break (Commission)

(Commissioned by Matt.)

Firebender Rados Kishimoto is taking training break with the world's hottest Earthbender.

 (Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: Avatar, Toph Beifong

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Bodacious Babes of Bimbotech (Commission)

(Commissioned by elementrexx for Bimbotech story universe belonging to TheSympatheticDevil.)

Nagging wife got you down?

Got a girlfriend who wants to wait until marriage?

Bitchy coworker making your workplace a living hell?

Well bring them down to Bimbotech! Our highly trained specialists (and not-so-highly trained bimbos) will make the women in your life truly yours.

Our neural conditioning technology is proven to yield fast, permanent and total control over your budding bimbo's temperament and intelligence. So whether you want a doting and attentive spouse who can polish floors and still polish your cock or an utterly brainless, drooling fuckbunny who's always ready to get frisky, we have the solution for you!

Feel like your bimbo could use a little more up top or in the rear and maybe a little less in the soggy middle? Our patented bodymorphing technology will give your bimbo the figure of your dreams without so much as a scar. That's right! There's no surgery and no recovery time! That means you can drop them off and take home your brand new bimbo today!

Don't believe us? Just take a look at these four beauties before you and hear their real stories!

Tamara was once a real corporate ballbuster, rumored to be able to castrate a man with nothing more than a frigid stare. In fact, she used to be Vice President of our very company! At least until a hostile takeover for the company and a hostile makeover for her imparted a new outlook on life. Now Tittiefuck works as our receptionist and "hospitality specialist". So be sure to use her complimentary cockpillows to rest your weary dick when you stop by!

Candice was also an employee here but she didn't much like the company rebranding. So much so that she tried to sue us for sexual harassment! Silly bimbo! A quick run through our neural conditioning regimen and a dip in our bodymorph tanks fixed that problem lickety-split! Now Candyass has a personality as sweet as her namesake and a booty that just won't quit!

Patricia used to be a women's studies major at a local college. She always seemed to be angry about something. She certainly didn't appreciate our promotional materials being handed out around her campus. She stormed into our office one day to give us a piece of her mind! She ended up giving more pieces that she originally intended and now Poontang is showing just how much happier life can be when women embrace their inner bimbo!

Margaret used to be a good Catholic girl who struggled to reconcile her faith with her own homosexuality. Well no worries! We helped her get her priorities straight and now Muffy is a fantastic muff-diver who delights in girl-on-girl action. But don't worry, Bimbotech girls come bisexual by default and her sapphic skills similarly suck schlong with equal abandon!

Still not convinced? Check out some more testimonials from our very pleased clients and their bimbos right HERE! Once you've had your fill and you're ready to take the plunge, give us a call! Our answering bimbos are standing by (assuming they're not being bent over their desks)!

Because remember!

A woman's place is on her knees!


(Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

 SUBJECT: bimbo

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Online Dating Can be Complicated (Commission)

(Combo commissioned by OL and Jacavo Wilson.)

"Val thought she'd hit the jackpot when she matched with her latest stud. All she needed was an address and a picture of the biggest dick she's ever seen to hook up! Unfortunately, the door was answered by a X-year old boy! Was this some kind of sick prank? Was she meant to hook up with his brother? Neither, turns out little Jacavo's packing a huge dick! Sure, he might be half her age, but who gives a fuck about that when he's packing a cock big enough to put a horse to shame?

After an entire night of non-stop throat-fucking, womb-slamming, and ass-pounding, Val was left filled to the brim with hot, virile sperm. But even more than that, her entire outlook on sex was changed. She could no longer be satisfied by grown-ups... Whether she knew it or not, for better or for worse, there was only one kind of stud that could satisfy her now: young brats with huge dicks!

Of course, the conniving Jacavo planned it all along. And he's only getting started with the red headed bimbo...."

(Full versions found here and here.)

SUBJECT: deep dicking, bulge