Friday, July 31, 2020

Phantom Butt Pain (Commission)

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Breeding Season, Part 3 (Commission)

(Commissioned by Algorax.)
Nani is rewared with an unexpected but pleasant surprise! She proved to be the biologically perfect mate for Stitch and she will surely enlist again to defuse Stitch's "tension" the next time it will build up!

SUBJECT: Lilo & Stitch, Nani Pelekai, Stitch

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Big Catch (Commission)

(Commissioned for Swegabe's Legend of Queen Opala Origin game.)

Melanoir will rise to any bait, especially huge meaty ones.

(Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: LoQO Origin, Melanoir

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Reading Rainbow (Commission)

(Commissioned by Jase, inspired by Mangamaster.)

(FYI, I didn't write this "short description")
"Good Witch Azura 6 had accidentally shipped early in Scandinavia and was trending all over Penstagram. Amity never broke her cool witch facade, but she could barely contain her excitement.

If Amity could get a copy from the human realm for Luz before she knew about the leaks, maybe she could show her new friend that there were no hard feelings between them.

She would need help from the Owl Lady to get there. It took some time scouring the markets to find the Human Collectables stand, but it was apparent that Luz was off doing chores for Eda when entering the tent.

"The human realm? Sure! Ever heard of a place called 'Trollberg'? I have a friend there that may have what you're looking for, and I can find some even stranger junk than what I usually swipe." Eda uses her key to open a portal to the human world. "Don't worry about hiding your ears either. They'll be pretty used to our brand of strange."

Amity rode along on Eda's staff to the Trollberg library. "Just talk to my friend with the purple highlights, I'm sure you two will have lots of fun together," Eda claimed with a snort as they landed. "I'll be back in a few hours, don't cause too much of a scene!" Amity nodded, but realized too late that she had no way of paying for the novel before Eda was long gone.

Undeterred, Amity figured if it was one of Eda's close friends they wouldn't necessarily need legal tender. She entered the library, rather quaint compared to Bonesborough's majestic and demonic shelves. It didn't take too long  to find the purple haired librarian Eda had mentioned. "Excuse me, I'm looking for..." Amity was interrupted as the graphic novel for Revolutionary Girl Utena dropped on the desk in front of her. "Actually I'm looking for Good Witch Azura 6..." The librarian turned around to grab the book, "it slipped." her Swedish accent was heavy and she was shockingly buxom and beautiful. Amity's heart skipped a beat.

The librarian eyed up Amity, feeling rather exposed by her penetrating glare. Amity's ears seemed to earn a raised eyebrow. "It would seem you've travelled long and far for a book that hasn't been officially released yet." Amity winced, "I heard rumors that I might find it here, it's for a...friend...someone special." She hesitated, momentarily unsure if she considered Luz only as a friend or something more? "Eda said you might be able to help."

Eda? That earned a shifty glance to make sure the two were in private. Of course, the librarian owed her a favor for many of the magical artifacts she had ferried to Trollberg from Bonesborough. This new witch would still have to offer up something of payment if she really wanted her only...personal...copy of Good Witch Azura 6. At a discount, of course.

"Look...what was your name again?" The librarian inquired.

"I'm Amity, Amity Blight."

"Listen, Amity. I'm afraid I'm rather attached to this novel you require."

"Does that mean I can't have it?"

"Just how important is this friend of yours?"

"Quite important."

"Then yeah, sure, you just have to sleep with me."

Amity's eyes went wide and her face flushed red. "Excuse me...?!"

"I doubt Eda gave you anything to trade."

Amity looked down at the ground, shamefully unprepared. The floor was quickly replaced by the librarian's supple breasts, and she took Amity by the hand.

The librarian escorted the flustered Amity to her secret room hidden behind one of the bookshelves. It was enormous compared to Amity's own hiding place behind the romance section in Bonesborough. The lights came to life and the two proceeded down a short flight of stairs to the librarian's study, the bookshelf latching itself shut behind them.

Still holding hands, Amity was pulled into a tight embrace and the librarian locked lips with her, pressing their breasts together and groping Amity's most sensitive parts. "Don't worry, it'll Let's knock ourselves out.""
(Full versions found here and here.)

SUBJECT: The Owl House, Amity Blight, Librarian

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tighest Spot on The Beach (Independence Day)

(Independence Day theme pic.)

The annual July 4th BBQ becomes an impromptu welcome party for MinMin. Min Min ends up showing Falcon the shoyu style ramen: she'll "shoyu" her pussy.

Have a great ID4 weekend, everyone!

(Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: Super Smash Bros, MinMin, Captain Falcon