Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Three Little Natives (Thanksgiving)

(Thanksgiving themed pic.)

Okay, they're not so little anymore and they're very hands on.

Have a great Thanskgiving week, everyone!

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SUBJECT: Tekken, Michelle Chang, Killer Instinct, Maya Fallegeros, Street Fighter 6, Lily

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Black Meat, Young Treat Part 3 (Commission)

(Commissioned by Tommy.)

"After a bit of sweet talking Jasmine asks Brianna if she'd like to come in and join everyone else in all the fun they've been having these past few hours. The somewhat airheaded milf, still unaware of the naked rock hard futa right in front of her, gives her a light smile and nods.

Jasmine, in a sultry voice: "Perfect. Come on, we don't want to keep everyone waiting."

Standing side by side, Jasmine escorts Brianna into Noah's room, only for the loving mother to be greeted by the sight of her dear sweet angel butt naked and getting spit roasted by the two biggest cocks she'd every laid eyes on. The constant gagging and whining of Noah, as well as the constant grunts, groans and moans of Diamand and Trinity, were suddenly broken by the audible gasp of Brianna as she covers her mouth with one hand. Her eyes were also wide like a deer in headlights. Both ghetto thugs turn their heads and see the two who had just entered and are now standing at the entrance of the room, all the while not slowing down their rapid and heavy pounding.

Brianna with her face bright read as she watches the spit roasting continue: "W-What are you doing toy precious, Noah!? You need to stop this instant!"

Jasmine, with a huge grin on her face, gives Brianna's thicc, juicy, bubble butt a nice hard smack with her hand now gripping a cheek as she helps walk Brianna closer to the bed.

Jasmine: "Don't worry, sweetie. The three of us have been teaching your son a lesson about calling us fine black folk the n-word online and in person."

Brianna: What!?! How dare you! My baby boy would never use such vulgar language!"

Diamond now holding onto Noah's head with one hand as she plunges her 18 inch black pride down his throat and holds him there speaks up.

Diamond: "Oh yeah? Then how come we got all this shit he's been posting saved to our phones, and how come I've got a solid hour of him calling us shit like "monkey", "ghetto thugs", and of course, "n*****s"? You gonna tell us that ain't true?"

Feeling a bit weak from everything that was going on Brianna continues a bit of back and forth between her and the three futas only to end up on her knees and Jasmine's cock sticking up between her still covered tits and that fat black, bell end shaped cock head stretching out her mouth. Over the next hour or two the trip of friends would end up using both mother and son to help drain their cum stuffed balls and to properly educate them both on why racism is wrong. Despite Noah protesting almost constantly since the gangbanging began, now both he and his mother were both moaning like cock hungry sluts as they were being stretched and fucked balls deep by one or two BBCs at a time. As day began to turn into evening the non-stop fuckfest ends with Brianna getting double teamed by Jasmine and Trinity, and Noah getting full nelsoned by Diamond. As each African goddess climaxes simultaneously in their respective holes, both Brianna and Noah come to the realization that they need to find more futas that live in the city and invite them over for the day."

Note from the perv who comissioned this:
Hopefully you all enjoyed this three part series as it was fun to come up with Turk (and cost quite a pretty penny :'). If you'd like to see any of these characters return for a future commission then leave your ideas in the comments below and I'll give them a looksie. I do plan on continuing this world this story takes place in, so there is a possibility anyone could return, but I do plan on introducing some new characters in the next one. (Anyone like overly hung futa lolis?)

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Cake by the Lake (Commission)

(Commissioned by Jase.)

After Jesse and Lake get into a big argument, Jesse blurts out that Lake "should go fuck herself" in anger.

One two-ticket train ride from Arizona to Wisconsin later....

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SUBJECT: Infinity Train, Tulip Olsen, Lake, Jesse Cosay

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Skanksgiving Stuffing

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