Thursday, July 28, 2022

Intimate Internship (Commission)

(Commissioned by Big_Kachowski.)

“It’s hard training a new intern, doubly so when he’s the boss's son. So what happens when you learn that this scrawny little nerd of a man has a cock that’d put even the biggest studs to shame, whilst he recognizes you through your disguise as not only a very prominent adult entertainer but you so happen to be his favorite? Well an arraignment needs to be made. Your cover isn’t blown and he gets to live out his fantasies. Now Val insists that the intern shadows her so she can give him some very “hand on personal training” every day. Usually insisting on the privacy of her office so they can get down to some really “hard work”; and from that moment on, Val knew who the real boss was.”

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Puppet Queen (Commission)

(Commissioned by LPM.)

"Pressured by a sudden filling on her derriere, Ms. Sanchez found herself pushed on by the unseen against her will. Danny voiced his joy at the sudden alacrity to participate in the class exercise but Paulina fervently refuted such claims. Citing in helter-skelter she cannot stop moving forward, due to a literal pain in her ass. Driving nearer and nearer to his grotesque, steadily rising member. Before the royal brat knew it however.

Her hands moved all the way up her slender waist towards the supple pair of fleshy mounds above them while, unseen to the naked eye; a hazy shroud appeared around her lovely hands, coaxing them unto releasing bountiful valleys in all their massive glory. In spite of desperate protests, Paulina could only squeal in shock & embarrassment as possessed hands loosed what jiggly generous heritage had begotten the egotistic high caste. To her ultimate detriment though. The stripshow conjuring had not ended there, as fleeting grippers soon shimmied back down said abdomen where an anguished caboose resides.

Struggling to resist whatever force compelled this sudden clout of exhibitionism, Paulina's attempt at absitance proved futile as these extremities further disrobed her under enthrallment. Twin sizable buns, decidedly larger outside of tight denim wrappings, bounded out in subtle ripples along their juicy extravagance shortly afterwards. Fenton could only gaze at the bronze majesty standing before him wantingly, biting his lower lip in anticipation of what comes next."

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SUBJECT: Danny Phantom, Danny Fenton, Paulina Sanchez

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Rode Hard And Put Away Wet (Commission)

(Commission of OC by Alexander "Alex" Whitemount.)

"I'll pick you up in a week!"

That final assurance from his mother, before she hopped back into their luxury car to be driven off, is what he was thinking of the first night he stayed in the horse-riding camp. He was surrounded by his gear and other kids—what most would consider 'normal'—but he felt he wasn't quite like them. Firstly, none of them came with their own saddle, riding outfit, and other accoutrements customarily associated with the pastime. He was just old enough to get his own horse and his parents decided he needed to have 'formal training' before he was able to boast of having a horse all his own.

On the chauffeured drive to the camp, his mother enthusiastically told him he'd be with other like-minded children learning how to groom, tack up, and (most importantly) safely ride a horse. She promised him she got the Diamond Pedigree Breeding Package—"the D.P. Breeding Package"—at the suggestion of a friend. "The name is silly but it's so expensive they don't even mention it on their website: you have to call to ask for it!" she giggled with her equally giddy son.

"Mary suggested it when I said I was looking for a fun time with some horses that would leave you fulfilled and satisfied. She gave it top marks too!" she said with a nod before she looked over the brochure once more. "I asked about the particulars when I called and they said you'll be riding horses all day, all week! Make sure not to get too sore! You will be getting direct and full-day tutoring from the farmhands. I'm sure they'll give your little tushie a break from all that riding. I made sure to ask specifically and you're going to be getting hands-on training from multiple teachers at once! Isn't that exciting?!"

His mother and he would be gushing over how exciting the week-long camp was going to be. That first evening before camp began, as he closed his eyes in his own private DP cabin, he was already picking out the horse he'd be riding when all this was over and done.

The following morning, he was awoken by a knock at the door. A gruff voice, friendly if overtly deep, rolled through the thick wooden door. "Alex? Wake up. You need to get dressed; the fellas need help draining the morning load."

Alex looked outside, seeing the sky the deep violet of dawn about to break. "Wow! They start early, don't they?" he thought as he rolled out of bed, his pale feminine frame shivering in the morning chill that had seeped through the walls.

"I'm coming!" he called back through the door as he quickly slipped into his personal riding gear. He had a few spares as one was wont to get dirty when dealing with horses. After he slipped his shoes on and scooped up his hair into a long luscious ponytail, he pulled the door open and stepped outside. The world without the small cabin was painted the deep blue of an overcast sky in the pre-dawn hours. Alex doubted even the other campers were awake yet.

Just outside the door, he was greeted by a large and formidable form. He'd seen one of the 'Camp Counselers' the night before. Enormous horsemen, they dwarfed anything and everything around them and would frighten him something terrible if he hadn't seen how sweet and masterfully they handled the horses within the stable. Even still, he looked up with trepidation and a shiver that wasn't solely the cold as he gave a shy smile and nod.
"Hello, I'm Alex! Are you one of my trainers for the week?" he asked the enormous ebony equestrian educator equine. There was a huge fringe of black hair blocking his eyes but Alex saw the friendly smile pull at his long muzzle from down near the horseman's waist.

"Yes, I'll be one of the ones training you to ride this week. You'll have me multiple times a day, actually, and will be dealing with all of our farmhands here at least once or twice a day," he explained to the boy.

"Wow! This is so hands-on! I can't wait to get going!" Alex said with an excited hop.

Behind that fringe, Cliff watched the little sissy gush over his future at the ranch. Deep brown eyes looked from that beautiful feminine face, down to those tiny boi titties, and down to the real source of interest that caught the attention of the farmhands when Alex's mother made that call. Once they realized his mother wasn't booking herself for a week of being a cock-sock for a horse farm farmhand gangbang, they'd requested a picture of Alex "for verification". That cute little ass had been the talk of the stables for the week leading up and it looked just as delicious in person.

"I'm Cliff by the way. We should get going; the boys will be getting antsy by now. You'll be getting to work right away, okay?" Cliff asked as his long strides quickly took him away from Alex. The boy had to lope to keep up, excitement plain on his face. As he saw the first hints of pink fire creeping through the clouds overhead, he couldn't help but think that this was going to be the best week of his life.


"Fuck, Alex, this hole was made to take horse-cock! You're gripping me like a gorilla," huffed Cliff as he buried his flare inside Alex's rear. Alex was held aloft by his legs, favorite riding pants torn open to reveal his little dicklette and, more importantly, the tight hole that was 'gorilla gripping' the horse-cock that was trying to go balls deep inside it.

"You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself, Cliff" said another farmhand, Barry, as he rubbed his own erection against the tiny few inches of Alex's.

"And it seems like you are too, huh, Alex?" Barry asked the young boy as he ground the flat tip of his cock against the boy's tiny coin purse. Alex's could only nod silently, unable to reply through the soft whimpers and moans of pleasure as his taut stomach bulged from Cliff's thrusts.

"You're going to be our little farm filly for the week. You'll be helping us empty our balls all day, every day. If you're good, we might even let you enjoy some evening fun in the stables after the kids are done riding. You'll be riding a horse almost 24/7! Well, a horse cock at least!" Barry said and then laughed, a laugh which was echoed throughout the room as more farmhands joined them.

Fishing out cocks, Alex was soon surrounded. An enormous hand guided his tiny fingers to a long pole-like shaft. The heat coming off of it was immense, something Alex discovered when Cliff first pressed against the soft pink rosebud between his plump cheeks.

Speaking of Cliff, a few brutal thrusts later and Alex felt a burgeoning heat deep in his belly as the farmhand was the first to soak his guts in his seed. His bulging belly started to swell from the thick potent seed flooding his intestines.

Now done breaking the boy in, Alex felt the world shift when Cliff lifted him up and handed him to Barry whose cock quickly found its way inside Alex. The boy let out another low moan of pleasure as that flared rim tickled a sensitive spot inside his asshole. It hit with every thrust in and out and it was starting to make Alex's little cock tingle. Barry was fully pounding the boy's hole now and Alex looked around at the many many farmhands now gathered around him. He didn't realize there were so many.

"I'll pick you up in a week!" his mother had said.

As he felt the first if his own orgasms fucked out of him, he couldn't help but think... this was going to be week to remember.

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SUBJECT: sissy, bulge, horsecock

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Free Facesits (Independence Day)

(Independence Day theme pic.)

The Independence Day party was an immediate success when the gals volunteered to be servers.

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SUBJECT: Duckman, America Chavez, Liberty Belle, Coonskin