Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fool me Twice (Commission)

(Commissioned by OL and Jackwoods101.)
Val couldn't clear her head of those well hung jerks who caught her having sex with them with a well placed spycam all those months ago, those oversized meat rods were way too much for her not to feel deep inside her once more. One awkward apology and forgiveness session later, she once more had her little studs back in her bedroom, all three of them raring to go! Surrendering herself to them like she did before, it wasn't long till those mischievous little brats buried themselves into her ass simultaneously! Val, both her mind and asshole blown out didn't seem to notice or care that the same spycam was there the whole time.
(Full versions found here and here.)

SUBJECT: gangbang, triple anal

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Tsunade's Secret Peace Deal Negotiations (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)
The Hidden Village Leaf's Hokage, Tsunade, is well known around the Villages about her famous rare body, and that no man has claimed. One day, she meets with Raikage to negotiate a Peace Deal between the two villages but nothing seemed to work. Tsunade tries a different approach and offers him tits and ass for one night stand. Raikage couldn't refuse such an offer and meets with her secretly to close the Peace Deal. He on the other hand, had others plans in making her into his Baby Mama and claim her as his woman.
(Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: Naruto, Tsunade, Raikage

Thursday, June 11, 2020

PATREON Cleanup Archives

I had to remove a bunch of stuff off Patreon because of rulez. They don't even allow drawn incest or bestiality :\

Here is the archive for all the removed content (with both Mega and Mediafire backups).


Padme's Younglings Lineup, Group 1

(Commissioned by Pyro for stories on his Patreon.)

"Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Padme Amidala has to navigate a precarious political landscape, nurture a forbidden marriage and keep her three horny sons a secret not just from the galaxy but also her new husband. Her dickgirl mother Jobal comes to help while her husband's Padawan Ahsoka makes trouble."

(Full versions with Ahsoka found here and here.)

(Higher resolution/bigger Patreon version found here. Password can be found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: Padmé Amidala, Jobal Naberrie, Ahsoka Tano

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Annie Hughes' Special Order (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)
With every night shift there seems to be a new guest eagerly ready and waiting to enjoy Annie's "Special Order." It's hard work but Annie loves every single moment of it, all you need to ask for is "The Annie Hughes Special", as long as you've got the cash she'll let you ride for a short while as she milks you for everything you're worth. But remember no jimmies means top dollar, and with every fresh load means a hefty tip on top of that.

(Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: Iron Giant, Annie Hughes