Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Southern Pipelines (Thanksgiving)

(Thanksgiving themed pic.)

"Are we being racist?"


"Yeah, STFU and embrace the cultural appropriation."

(Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!)


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SUBJECT: Road to El Dorado, Chel, Captain Planet, Ma-Ti, Tunche, Nayra, shota, loli

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Alaid Mission (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)

Down time with Rey and Leia.

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SUBJECT: Star Wars, Leia Organa, Rey Skywalker

Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Secretary's New Boss (Commission)

(Commissioned by Beelzeboobs.)

"After working 24 hours straight cleaning up the latest attack on MegaKat city and handling the mayor's sorted (and sordid) messes, Callie Briggs drags herself into apartment, slowly stripping off layers of clothing as she slowly shuffles towards her bed, ready to spend the next week in a sleep coma, but as she falls onto her bed, a portal suddenly opens up and swallows her whole!

"OH COME ON!" she exclaims as she's plummeting through nearly pitch black vortex laden with streaks of vibrant neon colors, she eventually loses consciousness.

"Hey! Are you okay!?"

Callie starts to slowly open her eyes while regaining her senses; she first hears the sound of waves crashing, gulls wailing in the distance then she sees a giant tuft of orange hair taking up almost the entirety of her field of vision.

"Oh thank goodness, you're finally awake! I thought you were a goner there for a minute."

Callie's eyes focus and adjust to the light and immediately she sees a gorgeous red headed woman towering over her with a look of relief on her face.

"You hit the water pretty hard, but luckily it looks like your entire body was limp so the impact didn't do any real damage except for your..."

Callie's eyes start wandering as she notices the red head's enormous breasts barely obscured by the wet, red suit jacket she's wearing "Hello!? Are you okay, are you losing consciousness again!?"

"No, I feel great actually, like I just slept for a lifetime after spending the past 24 hours of my boss' messes"

"What a relief! Ugh, I know how that goes, I work for the mayor in my city and he's useless to put it nicely. I'm Sara Bellum by the way!"

"I work with the mayor of my city too, I'm Callie Briggs! Umm could you get your arm off of my chest" Callie looks down and sees her flat chest and a cock bulging out of her skirt along with a massive, throbbing cock tucked in Sara's jacket and shirt. "What the hell's going on here, where are my boobs, why do I have a dick!?"

“I looked around this island and have seen several other groups of people going through the same changes, it seems like this island has magical properties"

As Sara's describing the situation, Callie yet again trails off, eyes focusing on Sara's monster cock tucked between her heavenly breasts. "Have you had a chance to use that yet?"

Sara stops mid-speech and cracks a giddy smile "Only to go to the bathroom but I really want to! You wouldn't want to...uh...test it out with me, would you?"

"Hell ye..umm for the sake of better understanding the situation we're in, I think it would be prudent to see if our new appendages are harmful or not,” Callie says matter-of-factly.

Callie and Sara start making out as Callie tears off the buttons of Sara's jacket, her enormous breasts and cock burst out and almost knock Callie back out.

"Whoa!" Callie exclaims as the entirety of Sara's rock hard monster cock is laid flat across her chest. "Fuck, I need this so bad Sara" Callie starts stroking Sara's cock with both hands as she licks/sucks/kisses the head.

"That's it, it's time!" Sara shouts out "Wait! Give me a little more..." Sara picks Callie up and thrusts her onto her massive cock in one smooth motion "HOLY. SHIT."

Callie's mind goes blank for a second as the pain of being penetrated rushes through her body and leaves almost as soon as it came, she feels Sara's cock fill her up almost to the brim "Do it, Sara, breed my feline femboy ass!" Sara turns Callie around and re-mounts her. Sara and Callie spend the next full day going at it, only taking breaks for water.

Finally collapsing under the stars, Callie snuggles with Sara "You know, we both deserve better, working with someone competent instead of oafish fools we work for now" Callie said to Sara, playing with her hair and licking one of her nipples "I agree" Sara said while thumbing one of Callie's nipples and toying with her cock.

"I don't care if it's here, my world, or yours, but I feel a connection with you, Sara, and I think we would make the ultimate power couple in whatever city we run" "I agree, Callie, wherever we end up, I want to be with you" they kiss eachother before passing out under the stars."

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SUBJECT: PowerPuff Girls, Sara Bellum, SWAT Kats, Callie Briggs, femboy, futa

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Celestial Eclipse (Commission)

(Commissioned by definitesin for her OCs.)

"Its said that sometimes when a lunar or solar eclipse happens, the two gods reigning over the celestial bodies are making passionate love."

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SUBJECT: cowgirl position