Thursday, August 29, 2019

RWBY Puroresu (Commission)

(Commissioned by Tiptop.)

Team RWBY gear up for the squared circle.

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SUBJECT: RWBY, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lascivious Doctrines (Commission)

(Commissioned by TkLm Fan.)
"Feeling as though her nethers were aflame, Illana could not help but whine like a kitten in heat. Such concupiscent soundings from the blonde beauty as she continually ground this gorgeous paige's pussy, were all too appeasing to Kimberly's ear.

The surrounding assemblage gazed upon their corporeal fleshdance with burning lust, such salivation from their own pubescent regions streaming like rivers down across their thighs, causing the underoos of whom to slough off around their legs. As if almost anticipating in earnest of what comes next. Gathering her remaining wits about her, Illana weakly mules out why Kimmy was doing this before letting out another sheepish yelp in pleasure.

The haughty squad leader simply states that besides being top idols. They were also objects of desire in the eyes of all within the school, and this was merely as test to push how far an up & comer like her would hold out to such adroit pleasures. As if on que, kimmy bellowed out a whorish groan while the two climaxed inside one another."
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SUBJECT: Sym-Bionic Titan, Kimmy Mysner, Amber, Monica, Tiffany, Illana

Friday, August 16, 2019

Pirate-Friends with Benefits (Commission)

(Commissioned by Blackknife12.)

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"Life of a pirate comes with a few perks - traveling around the world,seeing new places,and trying the best meals. But as a Straw-Hat Pirate,Nico Robin has more than that - strong and loyal friends,studying new environments,and meeting all kinds of wonderful people...including the well-endowed ones. One fine morning,the lovely Black-haired goddess takes a stroll down the local marketplace filled with civilians shopping for necessities. Though,there wasn't much that caught her eye - not every interested in her at all. The first thing she thought of was to head back to the ship and enjoy taking in the sun's rays,but something caught her eye - stopping at an alleyway,she noticed a little white pup leaning against the wall all nonchalantly...stroking his cock. No,a second glance,he was stroking his huge cock! Not even aggressive stroking,just slowly stroking that semi-flaccid slab of meat at nothing! This gave Robin an idea...

She approached the lonely little pup while swaying her hips,smiling softly as thoughts were racing in her mind,the things she could do to this hung lil puppy. "Why hello little fella",she said softly. "Why are you all alone in this alley? The market is that way",nodding to the direction of the plaza behind her. "Eh,not enough babes in this town. Well,a few of them but they're not so much into hung dogs like me. But we all can't be winners,I guess",Scruffy the white pup said in a tone of boredom,still slowly stroking his semi-flaccid pole,Robin subtly licked her lower lips just by staring at that lengthy,girthy cock that would put any man to shame,or any dog in this case.

"That's a shame...because I've been looking to do something around this town. Unfortunately,nothing interested me in the last few hours...until now",she said in a soft lustful tone as she slowly reached for that lengthy dick. Her soft hands grabbing and stroking that almost floppy cock,suddenly hardened to an erect cock fit to breed beautiful women. "Ooh,heh,now we found something in common!",gasping and giggling softly as she now sparked the flames between the two. "O-Oh man...and what's that,lady?",the white pup replied as he groaned softly at his throbbing dick stroked by this curvaceously stacked beauty. "We both need a little something exciting in our lives...",Nico Robin said softly into his ear as she tugged down her top,exposing her thick cleavage and allowed freedom to those beautifully fat tits, bouncing right in front of his face. The white pup's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates,his tail wagging and his jaw dropped to the sight of those huge boobs, already a droplet of precum began to form at the tip of his dong.

"Now then,how about we get to it? I'd like to get to know you a little more,my little stud",Robin said in a sultry tone,reluctantly stops stroking his doggy horsecock and turns around to move her skirt to the side of her other hip,exposing her big beautiful butt - not wearing anything underneath,holy crap! This pup just got lucky! "Wh-Whoa,holy crap...are you serious?",Scruffy asked softly as he stares into that big heart-shaped ass,welcoming him and his horse-length cock. "Of course. I prefer a more...intimate way of getting to know a few strangers...",Robin replied,giggling as the white pup turned towards her,his throbbing pole of meat ready to make contact with those womanly lips underneath those beautifully thick ass cheeks. Not even waiting,Scruffy drives his doggy cock into her cunny lips,making this beautiful succubus arch her back slightly and moan softly. His white paws grabbing for those thick ass cheeks as he slowly thrusts into that hot pussy. "O-Oh wow....this is gotta be some dream...o-ohhh fuck!",the little white pup howled softly,his thick cock throbbing and already spilling a few droplets of pre into her pussy tunnel. Scruffy stands on a stack of boxes,but what Robin noticed is his cantaloupe sized-balls didn't have much room while they were hanging at the edge of the top box he stood on. Using her Hana-Hana abilities,one hand magicially appears behind Scruffy and carefully groped those big round balls. "Nnngh,I didn't want your precious jewels to get crushed by the box edges...",she said softly as she had her big booty humped and her hot wet pussy penetrated by his big doggy horsecock. "Gahh,h-hey I ain't complaining! long do you wanna do this?",the little white pup smiled as he continued to thrust into this beautiful goddess,while his beautifully swollen doggy sack was kneaded by those soft hands behind him.

" about we both head back to my crew's ship? I have two female friends who--nngh!--who would enjoy having you around...!",she replied softly,grunting and moaning under her breath as she was getting pounded by this short but hung white pup. "S-Sounds like a plan!",the white pup happily replied,his thick cock continues to stretch out her inner walls,and slowly spew dollops of hot pre-cum within her pussy.

"Or better about you be my little sex pet?",Robin asked softly in an even more sultry tone,looking back and petting his head. "Oh fuck yeah!!",Scruffy replied back even happier as he thrusted even faster into her hot pussy,his tail wagging while he pounded her womanhood aching for some good dicking. Looks like Nico Robin found herself an excellently well-endowed friend to play with....."

SUBJECT: One Piece, Nico Robin

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Goof Troop Milf in Heat (Son's Best Friend) (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)

"Because Peg Pete's husband became sterile by a virus, he doesn't appreciate her nor want children anymore. She turns to an Alpha Male, Max, to become a surrogate breeding partner."

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SUBJECT: Goof Troop, Peg Pete, Max Goofy

Thursday, August 1, 2019

When an Unmovable Ass Meets an Unstoppable Cock (Commission)

(Commissioned by Beelzeboobs.)

"After their plane was taken down by a mystery force, Cammy and Chun-Li were violently flung apart in opposite directions on the island. Cammy was lucky enough to end up on the beach, Chun-Li however, wasn't as lucky. Being hurled through the sky and eventually plummeting into the forest of the island, Chun-Li did her best to brace herself so she takes as little damage as possible, clothes getting torn off as she falls. Once the groundfloor came in sight, it was too quick for Chun to react to pull off a Kikosho to soften the impact. Mere seconds before impact, she felt a force swoop in and catch her before she met her fate. 

"Phew! Just in the knick of time!" Power Girl exclaimed as her and Chun-Li cleared the forest in record time. Chun-Li wraps her arms around Power Girl to the point of almost having her in a stranglehold. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You saved my life!" "Just doing my job, sir! Maybe ease up a bit, you're surprisingly strong ha ha" "Oh, sorry, adrenaline and the fear of death, y'know...wait a minute, sir!? I'm a woman!!! The Strongest Woman in the World!" "You have a surprisingly feminine figure for a dude and those legs and butt *whistles* GOD DAMN! But, you're not exactly the most dressed right now; you're flat chest is showing and you have a cute little bulge down there teehee" "the hell!? I am a man now!" "There's something about this island, it's magic, and it's messing with my body too..." Power Girl nods her head down suggesting Chun-Li look down. "Holy shit! That's the fattest cock I've ever seen(and I've seen Poison's up close and personal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))!" With her body wedged firmly between Power Girl's massive breasts and her gigantic she-cock pressing against Chun's thicc, juicy booty, Chun-Li's face starts turning bright red as she bites her lower lip.

"So then Suprman put live lobster's in Batman's tights when he wasn't looking...everything alright? You seem kind of distracted...oh..OH! You big ol' pervert! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" "Sorry! Sorry! It's just been a minute since I got any action, my life has been nothing but fighting and I can't keep "arresting" Poison just for a quicky." Then Power Girl starts trailing off, looking down at Chun-Li's glorious ass, feeling how firm and powerful it is, with her cock almost wedged between both cheeks. "Oh, unh huh, now who's staring!? Teehee" "Sorry, I...uh..haven't gotten laid in a while either, something about this island too, makes my head feel funny...horny...I'm sorry what was your name? I never asked" "It's Chun-Li" "I feel like I can trust you, Chun-Li, I go by Power Girl, but. my real name's Kara. Now tell me, Chun-Li, have you had the ever loving shit fucked out of you mid-air?" "Can't say that I have, but, I can be pretty adventurous! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

"Oh fuck, it's way too big Kara, you're gonna rip me apart!" "Just give it "struggles and grunts" a sec...there we go!" "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Chun-Li gasps in pain at first, but once Power Girl gets situated and they find a comfortable position, Chun-Li starts letting out wild screams of pleasure. "I needed this so bad...FUCK! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! Don't stop, Kara, never stop! WHOLE-LEE-FUUUUUUUCK!" "FUCK! Me too! Your ass is something else, Chun-Li!" After several hours of intense, mindblowing, earth-shattering sex mid-air. "We should land soon, I don't have as much stamina as I normally do. Lets find a clearing where we can watch the stars, it's gorgeous out right now" "Yeah, I'd like that" Chun-Li swoons while still firmly impaled on Power Girl's cock in her ass down to the hilt with her stomach full of cum to the point of looking pregnant. "Look over there! I see two people!" Chun-Li squints and sees that one of them is Cammy! "It's Cammy, my partner! She's alive and doing pretty well it seems" "Lets go say "hi"!" "Lets!" Chun-Li winces and dislodges herself from Power Girl's mega-cock as her "pregnant belly" full of Power Girl's cum starts pouring out of her like a torrential downpour over the island as they make their way down to Cammy and Robin. Unbeknownst to them, there were two other figures following behind them in the air at a distance..."

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SUBJECT: Street Fighter, Chun-Li, Power Girl