Thursday, May 25, 2023

Team Tryouts (Commission)

(Commission of OC by Alexander "Alex" Whitemount.)

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SUBJECT: sissy, femboy, orc, horsecock, bulge, cumflation
"All his hard work was paying off. His bodyguard turned mistress had been slowly but surely crafting his already feminine body into a figure of swaying hips, fat thighs, and an oh-so-fuckable rear. He had questioned her methods at first. Not many boys want to make their ass their best asset but after the first couple of weeks of training accompanied by some "deep training" from his bodyguard, he'd quickly come to appreciate the wonders of a bubble-butt. The perfect amount of sculpted cushion did wonders for one's self-worth as well as providing the kind of buffer against the powerful swinging hips of his mistress. She loved seeing his pale cheeks turn a cherry red.

This all came to a head when she suggested he try out for the cheerleading squad as a freshman. This would be his first year. He was unlikely to make any friends, let alone make the cheerleading team. He expressed his doubts to her that evening, those vibrant blue eyes staring up at her as his head bobbed back and forth, "Sqlch! Squick! Glrck!"

"I know," she murmured as her hips rocked against his face, pushing deeper to hear the sounds of his strained throat, "it's scary but I didn't have you craft that perfect little ass not to show it off." Her fingers threaded through his hair as her balls started to lift in anticipation. "You'll make the team. Trust me," she promised as he felt her stretch the deepest recesses of his throat. His eyelashes fluttered as she dumped her thick heat into his belly.

So there he was, being led back to the locker rooms. A trio of giggling older girls walked before him. He could see their hips swaying side to side and felt a bit of pride that his hips and ass were the best of all of them. It also sent a tingle to his uncaged cock idly. That had been the biggest surprise. "I have another chastity cage on order and it should be arriving soon. It'll completely hide that worthless thing. However, I don't want the cage to ruin the lines of your skirt; it's pretty tight and the cage will stick out like a sore thumb. But by itself, that thing won't leave a dent at all," she said with her usual smirk, a sight that would have taken Alex's breath away if she hadn't already been pounding it out of him. His ankles were by his ears as she loomed above him, long-stroking inside him as he gasped and mewled his pleasure. Even if he was still caged, it did nothing to stop the relentless onslaught of pleasure as she ruthlessly steamrolled over the little fag-button inside him. Soon his meager load dripped from his cage to fill his belly button (and not much else) while she filled it from the inside with a roar of pleasure.

He entered the dark lockers, standing there meek and demure as the trio spun around on him. "Congratulations, Alex! You could potentially be the first freshman to ever make the squad! We'd love to have you out there with us to support the team. But there's only one test left. We have a tradition here: you try out for the team so the team tries out you!" the bubbly blonde told him. No sooner had those words left her heavily glossed lips than a dozen or more huge figures step out of the shadows. Alex was immediately surrounded by the hot sweaty figures of the football team fresh off the practice field. As he felt a pair of thick wet fingers push between his cheeks and slide easily into his rosy pink asshole, now he knew why they asked him to take off his panties.

"Of course! I'm ready to support the team any way I can!" he asserted as those fingers left him and his lithe body was hoisted up into the air. His eyelashes fluttered when he felt his body weight settle on a familiar shape pressed against his lubricated hole. He looked down to see another large black shaft slide under his tiny coinpurse. His eyes widened as the pressure between his cheeks suddenly doubled. "O-OH!" he gasped as he felt his hole stretch to accommodate both.

"Welcome to the team, Alex! Enjoy the tryout." said those glossy lips before leaving Alex to those hulking forms in the locker room."

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Mother-Son Bonding Exercise (Commission)

(Commissioned by PancakesMan.)

“Lana thought to try and bond with Jackie the best way she knew how.”

(Full versions found here.)

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SUBJECT: family, futa, huge tits

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Quarian Milkshake, Part 3 (Commission)

(Commission by @QuarianLover of his Zusu'Naaris & Zor'Nurah with @JLUDragoon Aleen'Zeta & Uri'Danus)

"Across from the dinner that the orgy is taking place, four quarian watching from there table with there milkshake enjoying the show as it goes on.

An shortstack quarian who can't help but grouping her huge tits & rubbing her pussy as she seeing the large female krogan she knows name Qrukirum riding both Zaal'Koris & Han'Gerrel fat double cocks while being pinned down face full of huge ass of shala & daro.

Then her engineer boyfriend who is bulging hard against his suit & rubbing it off as he seeing Tali'zorah taking kal'reegar fat long cock in her mouth releasing another creamy white hot cum (doesn't help him more as he drinking the milkshake that made of mama'zuzh breast milk).

Last two is a blue light cheerful Aleen'Zeta & rock star Uri'Danus who are watching the old couple pornstars mama'zuzh & papa'zuzh exchange fucking what appears to be Tali'zorah parents as Tali father, Rael'Zorah taking heavy slammed by mama huge ass & then her mother tittyfucking papa double cocks while sucking on one of them.

Before Aleen & Uri could think anything, a voice call out to them, looking at the direction to see the shortstack who called them. Zusu'Naaris: "you ladies want to fuck~"

As she wave her fingers to come forward as her other hand unzip her boyfriend suit letting out both his cocks that is leaking so much juice.

Half an hour pass after Zusu'Naaris offer, she smiled & wave while using her power to help levitate & guide them Aleen & Uri up & down on her boyfriend cocks, soon after the other in the dinner noticed & invite them to there orgy, it only a matter of time till more quarian & geth will start showing up for mass orgy."

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SUBJECT: MassEffect, Quarian

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Chocolate Flavored Amazon (Commission)

(Commissioned by @enemystand10.)

"While wandering the lush forests of the Congo, those fortunate may find themselves in the abode of the amazoness known as Dawn.

Built like a bull and hung like a horse, she provides warmth , hospitality, and love to adventures. In return, she will expect certain needs satisfied at the top of each hour.”

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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Elaine Parish (Commission)

(Commissioned of OC by @2full2phil)

Character sheet of OC for future projects.

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SUBJECT: GILF, huge ass, huge breast

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Biscuit's Meat and Greet (Commission)

(Commissioned by @BunnyboyJasb.)

"Biscuit loves to meet new people, so when it's someone famous he adores, who's he to say no to servicing them and getting some pics to show off online to his own adoring fans!"

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SUBJECT: deepdicking, cumshot, femboy, hotdogging

Taking Samples (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)

In the dark of the night, in the city, the zombie horde managed to pass by. The group was scared at first, but their fear turned into happiness and relief as they saw the group dissappear in the night.

Milla was researching the cure for the zombie virus, which killed the male host, but made the female host have bigger breasts. "I just...need more time..." She thought, as her computer was working as hard as her.

She was bitten three times, making her boobs bigger than her head, so another member of their group, Meredith, developed a special kind of latex catsuit that were unable to break or pierce by a zombie. Just as she looking at the results, she let go a deep sigh.

"Another deterioration..." When she said that, the door to her room opened. Miguel, the only man of the group and known survivor to a bite entered. he also had a latex suit over his body, as well as his enormous cock hanging around, result of the bite. When she saw him, she felt relief. "Hey there, handsome."

"Hey!" Miguel said and kissed her cheek. "What are you doing?"

"Well...The results are getting worse each time, looks like my samples are rapidly decomposing..." She looked down. His cock grew 4 to 5 times, getting thicker and even his balls were as big as apples. He was always wearing a condom, specially designed to be unbreakeable.

"Need.....any more samples?" He said, while grabbing his cock and balls at the same time.

Even with the door closed, moans could be heard, as well as the sound of Milla getting fucked real hard. Miguel placed Milla over the table, placing one hand on her back and another to the base of his cock. After lubing the inside of her ass, he had a hard time sliding his cock inside her trained asshole, even though they had fucked countless times.

"Holy...shit...It's so thick today...."

But Miguel slapped her meaty asscheeks really hard, making her moan. "Shut up, my slut. Enjoy my cock and I'd might give you some of my own cum over your face today...."

Miguel was able to slide the cock finally and Milla shouted loudly, hearing her asshole gape and squirt as the lube fell down her thighs. "Shit!!! it's breaking me!"

Her boobs were so big that they were like pillows, so Miguel looked down at her, seeing her body move back and forth, as her boobs were making a squeaky sound over the wooden table. Miguel placed his hands on her hips and thrusted his cock back and forth, going faster as she was moaning, with spit falling over her breasts.

"Are you enjoying my cock today? I might...." But Miguel couldn't finish the sentence as his cock suddenly begun to throb, cumming inside the condom, turning it into a balloon.

"So soon..."

"It's ok...take a rest..." He took out his cock out of her ass, seeing a huge condom filled like an air ballon, covered in oil and ass juices, while her asshole was gaping, farting air loudly.

" poor asshole will never close again..."

"You fucking slut!" Miguel slapped both of her asscheeks at the same time, making her moan. "You don't have an asshole...You only have a fuck-hole. My favourite hole to fuck and fill as much as I can..."

He took out the condom, placing another one. As he placed the filled condom near her face, she looked at it, grabbing it and licking it. "Oh....Don't make it worse...."

"Just shut up and break me."

After changing positions, fucking her for hours, licking her sweaty armpits, kissing her and bitting her nipples, he placed her back again at the table. The condoms were all filled to the brim with fresh cum, with Milla moaning dirty words to him.

"Yes...yes...yes! Fuck me! Fuck your slut as much as you want!" But Miguel couldn't contain himself, as he grabbed her by the hair and kisses her with his tongue. Inside of her Miguel finally was pumping his biggest load, making Milla's stomach grow as she felt a river of cum inside of her.

"I hope you have enough...samples..." Miguel told, as he popped out his cock, falling to the bed, exhaust and depleted of any energy he had, while Milla was loudly farting cum out of her ass. But she was quick enough to grab a buttplug and place it on her.

"Yes...I...I'll have enough...."

Her left hand was over the buttplug, were a small river of cum was escaping her ass as she fell on her knees, unable to stay on her legs and knees anymore. While this happened, another member of the group was watching them through the door, masturbating her pussy with a dildo.

"Oh...Looks like tonight I'll be using only toys."