Thursday, March 16, 2023

Taste the Rainbow (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)

Leia was baptized into Jabba's harem by the other members... this was a daily process... taken in shifts because there were so many volunteers.

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SUBJECT: Princess Leia Organa, Twi'leks, bukkake

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Goddess Breeding Season (Commission)

(Commissioned by Celestiallysin for her OCs.)

"Coraxol, goddess of the night and stars, is the patron saint for cattle. Her healing milk has its benefits for nurturing, and magic, but it can put her into a horrible heat that only her sun god husband, Opeitos can cure. He doesn't seem to complain about milking her though - they just end up making mixed, Eclipse babies."

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SUBJECT: goddess, milking

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Toadally Stuffed (Commission)

(Commissioned by Jackwoods101.)

College life was good for Tsuyu: hanging out with the boys, showing off her flexibility and multitasking skills was a highlight.

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SUBJECT: Battletoads, My Hero Academia, Tsuyu Asui (Froppy)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Motherly Love (part 1) (Commission)

(Commissioned by Algorax.)

"Since the day Marge discovered her son's hidden qualities, her husband's flaws and negligence suddenly became oppressively more evident. Luckly for her, Bart was more than willing to fill the hole left empty by his father's absence..."

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 SUBJECT: Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Gloryhole Duty (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)

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"Milla entered her house after a long time of vacations as she saved to go to the coastwith Miguel, a good friend of hers, and a patron in the brothel she was working. They went to the beach, had wine, good food and the best nights she had, as Miguel was a caring and loving partner.

As she opened the door, a red haired girl jumped to her arms, hugging her and kissing her, it was Meredith, coworker and roomate. They both enhanced their breasts and bodies at the same time, but Meredith had bigger breasts than her, that bounced quite easily. She was the best at paizuri on that side of the city.

-Milla!! My cute girlfriend! How was it? Tell me, tell me!! -Milla left her luggage on the floor as she hugged Meredith back.

-Just...give me a moment....
After talking about her small vacations, Mereidth proposed something to her.

-Do you remember the new machines they sent like a month ago?

-The cocksucker 3000? The one that went haywire and zapped everyone that wanted to use it?

-They kicked them in the river! Now the clients are angry because there's no cheap service for a good sucking, so they implemented a gloryhole access in the bathrooms.

-Oh no....Not the gloryhole again...

-But......Now every girl that uses it, will keep 90% of the benefits, look! -Meredith pointed at a nearby jar. It was filled with credits, but, for some reason, it stinked badly. -I made 30.000 credits.

-NO WAY!!!!!

As they talked for a while, Milla thought about it. If she worked at the gloryhole, she may have the chance to save some money and buy that cute house she wanted months ago.
The next week Milla was restless, as her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest. She changed her regular clothes into her working clothes, revealing and perking up her huge breasts, silky and covered in warm oil. Meredith was motivating her by giving her a wet kiss on her mouth as her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy. Meredith was a good kisser as she always knew how to use her tongue.

-Mmmmhhh...mmmmmhargh.. -Milla said as she moved away her head.'s time.

-Then I hope my good luck kiss helps you in that place. -Meredith took out her fingers and licked them clean, enjoying the taste of Milla's non-enhanced pussy. -Remember, go slowly, don't swallow too soon and you can stay there all the time you want. There's water and food when requested and you can use any sex toy you want to make a good show, because If the clients like you, they can place an even bigger tip.
Milla thanked her best friend as Meredith slapped Milla's ass quite hard.

-Go get them, you slut!

So Milla went directly to the gloryhole, but in the way she found Miguel, who was wearing that tight latex suit she loved.

-Miguel! What are you doing here?

-Just giving you something. -He handed her two cans of "Energy coffe". -And a good luck kiss. -He kissed her softly on the cheeks, making her blush. -And don't worry, I'll come later. I have to work now, so expect my... -He grabbed his crotch, as Milla saw his huge member marked on the latex. -Thick and warm cock wanting some love...
-I'll make sure to clean your cock and drain your balls later. -Said Milla with a wink.
Now she was inside the bathroom, with two walls on each side, with 4 holes on each of them. The door was locked magnetically, with buttons to ask for anything she wanted, and a modern looking camera that was about to record her in a moment. She kneeled on the floor, just on top of a japanese looking toilet. She was breathing deeply, trying to contain her nerves, but soon a cock appeared through the hole.

-Oh! Hello Master! Welcome to my dirty gloryhole! -Her voice was cute, just in time when they started recording her. She placed a condom over the cock and begun with a slow handjob, praising the size of the cock.
The end of her shift took almost 16 hours.
She broke a record in the city by serving a huge amount of cocks, with hundreds of liters of fresh cum all around her. Milla was exhausted, thinking only on the taste of dirty cocks as she was being curently showered by a waterfall of cum, as her last clients had cocks modified to resemble a horse cock, a dog cock and other weird looking cocks, but there was Miguel's cock in a corner, shooting a thick amount of cum as he didn't masturbated in a whole week.

Milla's ass was stuffed with a set of anal balls that were vibrating, as her pussy was squirting over the toilet.

The stream ended. They took her directly to her house to recover and behind her, the number 100.000 credits was shining in golden colors."

SUBJECT: gloryhole, bukkake

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Fiore Beach Fun 2: Milani Boogaloo (Commission)

(Commissioned by unown7599.)

It was a long vacation trip, feeling a bit too long now that her special vacation fuck toy was ruined by her pent up work load. So off to enjoy the beach! Or at least, she wanted to, but being so pent up and breed needy kept her from relaxing on her time off. It was almost like torture more than anything. Though seeing a familiar face brightened her mood, especially since it was a sort of acquaintance of hers, fellow glamor model Denise Milani! Who wouldn't feel a little sense of relief after getting a view like that one? Wendy just had to give her a view and a sense of relief back thanks to that! So after some coaxing and a drink or two at the beach bar, Wendy threw down a towel and showed off somethin to get her a little spooked, even while tipsy and frisky! "Is that what you had in store for me~? It's...a bit much~" those words of Denise's were quickly proven wrong after a rough, sandy, and thorough breeding session!

Who knew the soothing sounds of ocean waves and the whorish moans of a new vacation sex toy getting bred would end up mashing into one relaxing ass tune? It’s better sounding when that jizz filled gal gets a top off in that womb hole for extra insurance that she's impregnated. That bump she has bouncing around during round two 5 months later? Course it's a kid or three. She got knocked up by the most potent gal around!

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SUBJECT: Wendy Fiore, Denise Milani, futa

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Dee Dee and Dextra's Disastrous Dickgirl Desires (Commission)

(Commissioned by DM.)

Dee Dee got into the lab again! Interrupting a very personal experiment of her lil genius brother, looking to achieve the size of manhood to match his intellect, her ballerina airhead shriek causing his vials to burst! Achieving in dick size for sure....but attributing it to the fairer sex...with plenty of T and A!

The new hormones grew and throbbed within the now buxom 'sisters' as Dee Dee and Dextra can do the only thing they could think of: "OH MOOOOOM!!!"

No scientific reasoning behind this tho, they just needed their dicks wet.

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SUBJECT: Dexter's Lab, DeeDee, Dexter

Thursday, January 26, 2023

She Put A Ring On It (Commission)

(Commission of OC by Alexander "Alex" Whitemount.)

With what happened at the horse-riding camp, Alex's parents saw fit to get him a bodyguard—a rather tall and imposing woman to guard their son. It was her job to safeguard the Whitemounts' feminine son from those who would seek to take advantage of his trusting and naive nature (and that highly addictive asshole of his.)

His prior experiences with bodyguards made Alex think she'd be cold and distant. Quite the contrary. In fact, she'd taken a lot more active role in his life than he was anticipating. Almost from the get go, she was helping him pick out cute dresses, skirts, and underwear to match. She helped him with his makeup to highlight the feminine contours of his face, something all those old fuddy-duddy men wouldn't have dreamed of doing. She even designed an exercise routine to make his hips, thighs, and butt even more spectacular. When asked why, she simply told him it was to help him when he was riding. Alex was looking more cute, feminine, and sexy than ever.

One day, when she was taking Alex shopping for a cute new outfit (he was going through a goth/punk phase) she offered him a tiny golden cage.

"What's it for?" he asked.

"I noticed that you are getting erections when wearing dresses and skirts," she started, "I know you don't really have anything to work with but it's still noticeable sometimes," he said. Alex's pale cheeks blushed at how she so casually dismissed his 'manhood' (though she was completely right) in front of him. Still, he nodded and she continued. "And so you're supposed to wear this and it'll prevent that from happening," she explained as she held it out to him.

"Take off your panties and I'll help you put it on," she commanded him and the ever-submissive boy did just that. Beneath the skirt he was trying on, he hooked his thumbs in his panties and slid them down over his thighs and legs. She knelt before him and he swore he saw a smirk as she saw his equipment but it must have been his imagination because she was so focused on it as she started roughly handling him.

"It looks even smaller up close," she said, causing another twinge of shame and excitement to go through Alex. "It's a good thing I went a size below what I thought you needed," she explained while he felt the cold metal cage encase his little nub and the loop wrap around his tiny coinpurse. He heard a click and then she stood with a wide smile on her face.

"Perfect! You look great like that. Now let's see if it works." she said while she started unzipping the front of her leather pants. Alex had seen her... 'gifts' when they were first introduced and he'd been very aware of that enormous bulge that was ever present at the front of her trousers or down a leg. This, though, was the first time he'd seen it 'in the flesh' so to speak. His pale eyes went wide and he flushed red from head to toe. "W-What are you doing?" he stammered as she stroked herself to hardness. It didn't take long. She was greatly enjoying herself and had been eyeing that perfect little bubble-butt this entire day knowing what she'd planned to happen.

"We need to test to see if you can get an erection," she lied, using her spit and pre-cum to grease up that enormous pole of hers. "Since you can't touch that useless thing anymore, we have to go another route. Don't worry: I heard what happened at the camp," she grunted as she lifted his leg and lined her slippery helmet between those pale cheeks, aiming straight for that rosy pink hole, "you're used to riding horses."

And with that her hips clapped against his cheeks, burying every inch of her thickness within him. Alex could only whimper as a familiar cock-shaped sensation filled him. That tiny button inside him that made him a girl was already singing his bodyguard's praises. He could only watch as her hips pulled that length free and began pounding it back into his small body, using it for the ultimate goal she'd had since she first laid eyes on him: her own little faggot cumdump.

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SUBJECT: futa, femboy, bulge

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Tea Party Girl (New Year)

(Lunar New Year theme pic.)

Alice's on quite a trip.

(Have a fantastic new year, everybody.)

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SUBJECT: American McGee's Alice, Alice, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Mr. Herriman, Oswald the Rabbit, Sam & Max, Bucky O'Hare

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Dropouts with Tits Out (Commission)

(Commissioned by Madcatz.)

"Miko and Sari run into an old friend at their favorite club, 'Dropouts', and the trio decide to have some fun with the other guests."

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SUBJECT: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Rebecca, Transformers, Sari Sumdac, Miko Nakadai

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Who Else Fucked Jessica Fappit? (Commission)

(Commissioned by Big_Kachowski.)

Val sees an advertisement looking for someone to model as Jessica Rabbit for a photoshoot. What she didn't realise was it was quite a bit more than just some cosplay photo shoot. Not that she minds, but maybe next time read the fine print on the advert: “Looking for lead actress to star in XXX parody."

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SUBJECT: Jessica Rabbit