Thursday, September 22, 2022

Cyber Toys (Commission)

(Commissioned by anonymous.)

"A week passed by after Milla met her new client, Miguel. He was quite nice, caring and very pleasant to be....with a HUGE member. Milla worked very hard for him on the pole and got a nice tip, but she didn't focused on the money. it was the first time someone talked to her like a woman, and not a piece of meat.

“...I know, I know, but....” Milla was now talking with her best friend and co-worker, Meredith Torch. “He seems like a nice guy! Believe me, when he pulled out his cock out of his suit because the zipper broke.... “ Milla tried to hold a moan as she was playing with her favourite sex toys.

“He looked quite flustered about it, trying to hide made me extremely horny when I saw his member, and....oh shit....” She felt the bulge produced by both dildos inside her holes, squirming around. Both were vibrating and she was squirting quite hard over her bed.

“Look, Milla, I love you, so I need to be sincere...The next time he wants you... Ask him to go to a date. What's the worst that could happen?”

“I don't know, maybe he's...a...a....uuunnngh...¡SHIT!” The dildo inside her ass escaped thanks to the huge amount of lube, and her asshole gaped, making lewd and liquid sounds.

“Oh! That sounded nice!...But seriously, you should ask him.” Her friend ended the call and Milla thought about it, while placing the dildo inside her ass again. With both of her holes sucking the toys hungrily, she was feeling closer and closer to the end, and on her mind...there was Miguel's smile."

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SUBJECT: dildo, stomach bulge

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