Thursday, September 29, 2022

Quarian milkshake, Part 2 (Commission)

(Commissioned by @QuarianLover)

Watching the threesome unfold across from them, Tali'zorah & kal'reegar get turn on from this as well from the milkshake effect.

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)

From last left off, Kal seeing Tali perfect phat ass sticking out teasing him while she continues drinking the chocolate milkshake (both affected by the drink as it made with mama breast milk that give an horny mood & as well watching papa'zuzh getting boobs sandwich between Qrukirum Zrayaxan & mama'zuzh) seeing Tali bumhole & pussy silhouette outline is driving Kal crazy as he rubbing his cock at her.

Kal: fuck I can't get enough of your bubble butt Tali, your parents must be proud of you for having a hot huge ass (as he throws another hard slap to watch it jiggle while licking those outline plum pussy & asshole)

Tali: heh indeed they were, my father couldn't get enough even when I was young little girl, I usually sit on his crouch & rub my little big butt on him to feel his cocks bulging, my mother as well like to grab a handful of my cheeks & start eating my butt, we get very kinky as well when we have a family shower together~ (she feels Kal open part of her suit exposed her holes for his throbbing monster cocks to ram in, she opened her chest suit as well to let her big girls out)

Kal: sounds fucking hot, I remember me & my dad double fucking my mother when no older then 5, mother love the way how fast I thrust my cock down her mouth while tittfucking her tits (he then started ramming her holes) but let hold on the story for now cuz I just want to get started on the fucking~

Tali moans loudly as both his cocks are ramming in & out in fast pasting speed as her tits are bouncing around but is still determined to drink all her milkshake, there moan got the attention of mama, papa & Qrukirum to see there show & drink got them turn on.

Qru: look like we put on quite a show for them (licking the cum load that shot from papa cocks from her lips in hunger for more sex) how about we make this threesome into a orgy~

Mama: oh yes an orgy sounds lovely (she lick the tip of her husband creamy cum cock)

Papa: I only hope they both got the stamina for the long run when it comes to you two

As almost an hour pass with all five of them continuing fucking tits, pussy & huge fat ass, papa & Kal stand tall while Qrukirum, Tali & mama on there knee licking & kissing there monster cocks while they're jerking off, they came all over there face & mouth as the ladies make the most sluty looks while thick creamy oozing cum is running down there boobs to body, there also xxl cups down there as well to drop into, the guys as well aim there cocks shooting another wave of cum into there cups. Tali take one & put a straw on & start drinking more even tho her mask is fill with cum, lust still coming from the girls face as they want more while the two male quarian are getting hard again, before they start fucking, the other admiral they been waiting for Shala'Raan, Daro'Xen, Zaal'Koris & Han'Gerrel finally came just to see the end of round 1.

Daro: damnit Tali, we talk about this, you have to wait for me & Shala so we 3 can fuck our husband together, at this point I might as well fuck him while you aren't here~

Shala: it sure looks like you had fun, gosh you look sexy Tali (she looks at the huge granny quarian next to her) oh my it mama'zuzh, that make this trip lunch break even better~

Koris & han both looked at them & then the orgy aftermath

Koris: the heck you two, this is no time for this kind especially you miss Tali'zorah.

Han: I feel the same too especially you kal'reegar, this is no time for fu- (before they can continue, both were grab & pull together in-between Qrukirum huge breasts)

Koris & Han: oh keelah

Qrukirum: well well well, nice to see both of you again since our trip in that honeymoon place, you both were amazing fucker, you both seem tense up from all the work you two been dealing, how about you all join in our orgy cuz we about to start round 2~

(She give our a lustful smirk as she grab both koris & Han huge bulging cocks as Shala & Daro start undressing themselves, mama then start riding on papa cocks as he lay, Kal then start slapping Tali tits with his cock while grabbing her ass cheek as she still continues drinking her cum fill milkshake cup)

SUBJECT: MassEffect, Quarian, HugeBoob, HugeBooty


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