Friday, March 29, 2019

Well Endowed Meetings (Commission)

(Commissioned by Blackknife12.)

"Ewa Sonnet,a gorgeous,well-endowed Polish model decided to take a break from all her photoshoots for all her wonderful viewers online,and head to her dressing room to relax. Conveniently,her agent notifies her stress relieve appointment has arrived - little did she know,it was but a young white furry pup,Scruffy. The Polish babe was expecting a more taller and fit stud,but as soon as the pup introduced himself as her personal stress reliever,he exposed his essential tool for the busty lady - his meaty doggy rod. Ewa gasped softly at the sight of his forearm-sized cock and his fat swollen balls,her heart beating a few ticks faster along with the thoughts racing in her mind of all the things she wants to do to the young hung doggy.

As she strips out of her bathrobe to let her beautifully big breasts breathe,she struts over to the white pup standing proud with his chest out,holding his wooden sign with a price list of all the things the two can do together,she takes his thick erect cock and wedges it between her thick marshmallowy Polish tits and softly kneads his big jewels,churning all that potentially hot doggy cream. She then raises an eyebrow and smiles lustfully at Scruffy: " much is to keep you all night?",she asks softly in her beautiful angelic voice,making the young pup's cock throb even more. "Usually over $1000 - but for a super beautiful angel with goddess-like tits,perhaps an exclusive discount",Scruffy replied with a big smirk on his face. The Polish angel plants a soft kiss on the tip of his meaty cock,then stares into the pup's eyes... "That sounds tempting,but for someone like you to have a cock like this,that wouldn't be good for your business...I can make it worth your while",she says with even more lust."

(Bigger versions found on my Patreon.)

SUBJECT: Ewa Sonnet

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