Thursday, February 9, 2023

Fiore Beach Fun 2: Milani Boogaloo (Commission)

(Commissioned by unown7599.)

It was a long vacation trip, feeling a bit too long now that her special vacation fuck toy was ruined by her pent up work load. So off to enjoy the beach! Or at least, she wanted to, but being so pent up and breed needy kept her from relaxing on her time off. It was almost like torture more than anything. Though seeing a familiar face brightened her mood, especially since it was a sort of acquaintance of hers, fellow glamor model Denise Milani! Who wouldn't feel a little sense of relief after getting a view like that one? Wendy just had to give her a view and a sense of relief back thanks to that! So after some coaxing and a drink or two at the beach bar, Wendy threw down a towel and showed off somethin to get her a little spooked, even while tipsy and frisky! "Is that what you had in store for me~? It's...a bit much~" those words of Denise's were quickly proven wrong after a rough, sandy, and thorough breeding session!

Who knew the soothing sounds of ocean waves and the whorish moans of a new vacation sex toy getting bred would end up mashing into one relaxing ass tune? It’s better sounding when that jizz filled gal gets a top off in that womb hole for extra insurance that she's impregnated. That bump she has bouncing around during round two 5 months later? Course it's a kid or three. She got knocked up by the most potent gal around!

(Bigger versions found on my Fanbox.)


SUBJECT: Wendy Fiore, Denise Milani, futa

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