Thursday, August 26, 2021

Breeding Honeymoon (Commission)

(Commissioned by QuarianLover.)

Few months after the reaper war & the test "incident" of daro modified hallex drug failed for frontline purpose but instead awakened the lost monster god like sex drive in quarian male's, it became a massive hit to the fleet, even without the drug the male quarian can still fuck wild but guess they want to feel that lost sex drive mood.

For none stop sex & after getting married, Kal'reegar with his 3 wife's Tali'zorah, Shala'raan & Daro'xen decided to go to a new place that open up on Rannoch that is a getaway honeymoon paradise for quarian couple to enjoy & to fuck so much.

"while I'm getting some food & drink for the after sex, I can see lot of other quarian couple getting eager to start fucking in there own rent home, I seen veetor'nara arm around his recent married wife Dr elan'shiya & lia'vael nar ulnay with there hands rubbing his massive cocks bulge with there head touch each other, next house down is Admiral Han'Gerrel vas Neema & Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib both walking with two busty female geth & a female quarian (didn't expect those two admiral would be here but go wild I guess) while seeing quarian & geth getting in, I also see different female race among the group, from female human name Ashley(one of Tali crew friend) with a short quarian boyfriend to two busty thicc female krogan (I think one of
them is Eve & the other I heard is Qrukirum) grabbing 3 male quarian, a female quarian & a futa as well for max fun."

"As I arrived back in our rent house, inside was quite big, got it own pool out back, kitchen, large shower room to hold a family size in it etc etc but what await me in the living room is 3 of my horny sluty wife's, tali, shala & daro all in lingerie like our first fuck, I can see there pussy wet & a few quarian size dildos use up in a corner & them playing with each other, the moment I drop the bag on the table they stop & welcome me back from the small trip for bringing in after sex snack but enough of the talk, they want to get fucking now~"

"Keelah I couldn't wait longer as soon he got home, after the small welcome back I was the first to get to him & pull down his short that is holding in his monster cocks, the smell of his cock is already driving all of us crazy hot, I started kissing him(yes even with the mask on but later we will take them off after the first round, just to tease this hunking bosh'tet) while slowly rubbing that thicc meaty cock, so warm & throbbing that large amount of precum is leaking from him, his thick sludge of warm quarian cum oh keelah I want to drink all of it~"

"The other 2 soon join in for the kissing while slowly moving down from his face to chest to down his cock where the kissing became licking, daro went for his huge balls to play & lick them to make more cum loads while auntie shala licking the tip of his dick head as precum are still leaking, the bosh'tet hunk went to grab my huge tits to start sucking them while grabbing my ass, I would slap him for that but fuck he amazing~"

"Seeing & hearing my niece Tali moaning like if she drunk of our third fucked is such a turn on especially doing in front of me, reegar sure know his weapons for a goodie soldier boy, they're fucking killer effective that even a female krogan in super heat would be begging in surrender for more."

"So much is going on & being slowly drunk in hornyness from licking off his cum leaking cock I slowly start sucking his tip before going in deep-throating, even such large quarian cock surprisingly can fit in well without any trouble or damage, the long warm meat is so goodness within my throat as my eyes roll bit up in delight as I can go on for hours, well maybe a few deep-throat before needing air but wish I could tho~"

"Fuck his balls are delicious, I can hear his thicc goo swooshing inside them slowly getting full for a powerful eruption, would never thought I find myself love a quarian like reegar who a too goodie soldier but I guess even then they can have a kinky hots side, such a hunk this jarhead is, would love later to dominate him & his breeding meat, oh keelah fuck probably later as I'm too horny now & want to suck that cock of his."

"Here I'm moving from his balls to his cock to start deep-throating as seeing shala mouth cover in cum as she get some air while slapping that fuck meat on her all while he sucking & grouping Tali like a pro(I feel like he may have a sex doll somewhere in his room before heh naughty) I used to have problem with ms goodie Tali before but now all that water under the bridge but that doesn't mean sometimes we would have rival moments like who can pleasure this hubby the most~"

What seems like many hour's pass by for the four of them fucking none stop & doing many sex position & ideas, reegar was close to climax & decided to start with Tali, eager Tali was as he thrust both his cocks deep in her pussy & ass,l giving her that bugle belly look(it may not look big like how the cock is but like mentioned before it give no trouble & it feels lot more pleasure then meet the eyes) fasting his thrusting pace while holding her hand he finally climax like a wave sending thicc after thicc warm cum load deep in her pussy & ass filling her full & not only that but pull out one of his cock from her pussy to shower her in his cum milk all over her from
her huge breasts to face, Tali also open her mask port open so his cum can fall in her mouth & fill her mask up, she was amazed at the climax & then get off of him to let the other two ladies have there turn, shala holding his hand as he shot another monster load & then daro next holding on to him as she get pump up.

Each of the girls look at each other with list as they close in each other to start licking each other for the leftovers cum that on them, from there ass, pussy, breast etc all the way to there mouth, after they're clean each other up, they look at kal messy cum cover cock in hunger to clean, licking all over his cocks & balls till there no drop left then collapse in a circle they form.

Tali'zorah: well I'm definitely impregnate now, no way I can't after that load shot in me heh Hopefully it twins~

Daro'xen: honestly I didn't plan to get pregnant yet but I feel the time was right even if it going to be a pain much later heh~

Shala'raan: I wouldn't mind getting pregnant as well, hopefully all 3 of us are having lots of quarian baby's~

Kal'reegar: glad we came to an agreement, so who want snacks & drinks while we recharge for next round~

All 3 of them: sounds good~

As they went to the table were kal set the snacks at many hours ago, outside they can hear a bit of all the moaning & orgasm from house to house in this paradise as it fills the night to morning of nothing but lustful moans & sex~

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SUBJECT: Mass Effect, Quarian, Kal'reegar, Shala'Raan, Daro'xen, Tali'Zorah

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