Thursday, June 30, 2016

Anal Lifting 101 (Commission)

(Commissioned by Purgy for OC Purgatory Brezoianu.)

As she slowly lift the weights off the ground before getting into a nice squatting position. Slowly she would squat up and down her body sweating a bit from it as she hums to herself enjoying her workout. That big fat ass jiggling as well from each squat while being nice and tightly snugged in her delicious gym wear. But unbeknown to her, some one was watching her closely.

"Mind if i join you?" the voice came as Maddie soon turn around thinking she was the only one here in the gym. As she soon notice this very thick and tall woman staring down right at her. Maddie looking down from the woman's massive bust which surly top any she have seen before but it was between that woman legs that caught her attention.  As she saw the biggest set of cock and balls that she have ever seen. Her mouth soon drooling from it.

"Well i see something caught your attention....Mind helping me give it a good workout...And lets get right to the point."  The woman said soon pointing to that big fat ass of Maddie's as she couldn't help but to blush before the woman soon press her massive cock already pushing out of her shorts. Before the woman soon pull that hole massive, footling, cock right out already becoming throbbing hard. "Now how about making it nice and wet for me" She said before already being surprised from Maddie going to town licking and suck on her cock.

The woman moans and bite her lip a bit watching Maddie trying her hardest to lick and such every foot of that cock before grabbing Maddie lifting her up before tearing a hole in Maddie's yoga pants before licking and slurping all over that nice tight asshole. Making it nice and wet before soon pushing her cock in..slowly but making sure at least that fat cock head goes in. "See a perfect lets train that ass!" The woman said pushing and thrusting her cock nice and deep in that ass.

Over and over her cock slowly pushing each foot deep into that ass as the two moan and groan before the woman soon whisper into Maddie's ear "Well love...we're almost done time how about your husband join us?" The woman said before she groan hard her cock soon cumming deep inside Maddie's ass while also spraying all over the gym as she soon pulls her cock out of that ass before coming all over Maddie's body.

"Oh the names Purgy..and i do hope we can workout next time...and like i said bring ya husband." She said as she walked out of the gym as Maddie stood there panting licking her lips enjoying that sweet taste of cum before rubbing her sore ass..."Oh time indeed." She said slowly picking herselve up before heading to the showers.

The end.

SUBJECT: Maddie Fenton, Danny Phantom, Purgatory Brezoianu


  1. Damn!!!! You and Purgy should work together more Turk.

    1. I had a lotta fun drawing this one so yeah :D

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