Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brainstorming: Halloween 2014

Last year's Halloween Brainstorming had some great results so I am going to open things up for this year: this time around, I will draw/sketch at least one picture per week, hopefully much more.

Your part: throw down any cool ideas for a scene that is Halloween related (provide links to references for the more obscure stuff please). I'll pick and choose from the ones I like (or is asked for the most) and draw as many as I can.

Keep the suggestions on subject/theme. Don't throw in random characters just because you like them or tossing down a scene with a harem full of characters will definitely be lowered on the list. Some funny twists, simple but on theme, or inspired crossover would be higher on the list.

Brainstorming is probably the most rewarding part of the creative process so have fun everyone!


  1. Jessica Rabbit as Elvira or Holli Would.

  2. Gomez Addams and Herman Munster do a wife-swap

  3. Aisha Clan-Clan and Felicia swapping costumes.
    The Jetsons as the central players in Evil Dead.
    Fred and Wilma as He-Man and She-Ra.

  4. El Muerte from Book of Life getting her ticket punched by Manny from Grim Fandango - Ooga-Calaca!

    There was a minor Frankenstein's Monster style character named Viktoria from Ben 10: Omniverse that was basically a monster version of Transformers Animated's Sari that was super cute. I'd leave it up to Turk to figure out what "Viktoria's Secret" really is. Maybe she just likes to spend time with her MUMMY. Wah wah waaah~

    There's been so much stuff going on in the second season of Gravity Falls I wouldn't even know where to start with ideas there. Turk never did anything with the Summerween episode originally so there's that (especially the Summerween Clerk) and perhaps some kinda horrifying Giffany eroge game cover art involving tentacles? If Turk did actual pixel art of Giffany I'd squeel.

  5. Trio of loli trick-or-treaters. Kitty Pride (xmen) in a sexy cat costume, Ahsoka Tano (clone wars) in a sexy slave costume and Penny Gadget (inspector gadget) in a sexy cop costume

  6. Victoria Cindry aka Cindry-Chan from One piece
    with Sally from Nightmare before Christmas

    both stitchy hawt non zombie bitches giving either a sweet stuffed plump dual hot-dogging or dual tit job on one very underloved Summerween Trickster

    or to your choice of Lamby Lamby
    or Wolf boi Dipper

    (I'll try and come up with more after i actually get some damn sleep -__-)

  7. Well I'm not very good at this but I'll give it a try. I can make refs just ask.

    This was already done on the series but Sara Bellum dressed as Blossom (from Powerpuff Girls.) Candi dressed as Dede( from Dexter's Lab.)
    Adults dress in tight clothing of another character(much younger) from the same series.

    -Jessica Rabbit(who framed roger rabbit) and Gizpy(Superman Animated Series) swapping outfits or veronica victoria(Detentionaire)
    And/Or Cousin Mel(Grandma got ran over by a reindeer) and Ramona O'brian(Batman the Brave and the bold)
    The characters either look the same or are similar

    -Any as - Puff(Static Shock), Trixie(American Dragon Jake Long),BumbleBee(Teen Titans)
    All dark-skinned, have the same hairstyles, and a bit bossy

    -vanessa (phineas and ferb) star wars special) and Aayla Secura(Star Wars) as Vanessa
    Vanessa from the special is already looking like Aayla so maybe Aayla can look like Vanessa

    -Any as- Black widow(Avengers), Black cat(spider man), Catwoman(Arkham city), Kitty Katswell(Tuff Puppy), Molotov cocktease(Venture bros) Agent K(The Replacements)
    All either in catsuits, some related to felines, or some are spies or agents

    -Rayne (from Blood Rayne) As Vampirella (vise versa)
    Both Vampires and Super-heroines

    -Any as- Starfire(Original outfit), Princess Mandie(Fairy Oddparents), Firestar(Amazing spiderman and friends), (Rule 63) Flaming Torch, Phoenix(X-men)
    Princess Mandie when really mad can make her hair on fire,she is a alien like starfire and she also wields a flame sword.
    All have very long hair and can fly-(Mandie by using jets
    Firestar, Flaming Torch, and Phoenix are from the same universe(Marvel) and have powers over fire

    -Any as- Dr monarch girlfriend(Venture bros), Wasp(Avengers) or Bumblebee(Teen Titans) Maybe? Tinkerbell(Peter Pan)
    Wasp and Bumblebee have similar powers and can sink to small size so they can wear Thinkerbell's outfit fine.
    Dr Monarch Girlfriend outfit is a insect based outfit like Wasp's and Bumblebee's but more revealing.

    -Princess Red Looma (Ben 10) dressed as Sheeva (Mortal Kombat)
    Both have multi arms

    1. -Maxine Gibson(Batman Beyond) dressed as Vixen (Batman the brave and the bold)
      Same Voice actors and from Same universe(DC)

      -Foxxy Love(Drawn Together) as Vixen(Justice League Unlimited) (vise versa)
      Both are "Vixen", Dark skinned

      -stripperella as Black cat(Spiderman) or Catwoman(year one) (vise versa)
      Catwoman from year one does a stripper dance so I think you know why I pic this.
      Same universe as Black Cat(Marvel) and I think the outfit would do good. Skin tight and shows a lot of cleavage.

      -Hortense (Dan vs) Apirl (kick buttoski) (vise versa)
      Both show only once or few times on series and are first introduced as working at a fast food restaurant

      -Rogue(X-men Evolution) as Thorn(Scbooy Doo) or just a Vampire
      She can absorb in more than one way and is even more dangerous.
      I think Rogue would look good as a vampire and also there is an episode scene her in red dancing on stage in a play based off of Dracula.

      - Cheetara(thundercats or 2011 Thundercats) as Queen La(Tarzan) (vise versa)
      Queen La has a staff that has the power of control over leopards and can turn them into Leopard men. This just would have been better if it had control over Cheetahs.
      And Queen La outfit looks primal.
      -Jane(Tarzan) as Queen La (Tarzan)
      Done on the series but still good.

      -She-hulk(Hulk animated series) She-Vemon(Marvel Comics) Red she-hulk(Marvel Comics) Carnage(Spiderman animated series)
      There's a Hulk so they made a She-Hulk. There's a Vemon so they made a she-Vemon. There also other types of the two for one both have red types.
      Red she-hulk and Carnage a red Vemon. So maybe you can come up with something for this.

      -Tula (from Pirates Of Dark Water) as Chel (from the road to el dorado) (vise versa)

      -Judge JB Mcbride(Bravestarr) as She-ra

      Nightclawer(X-men evolution) as Kain(legacy of kain) (vise versa)
      Both are very similar looking

      Lion-o(thundercats) as He-man or He-man as Bravestarr (vise versa)
      Both Loin-o and he-man shout and call lightning to their swords.
      For he-man and bravestarr both involve their animals changes form or personality.

      This is all I have to the males right now so I will try to make some more.

    2. Some more from a friend.

      Cerebella dressed as Edith Up

      Jasmine dressed up as Shantae in her Dancer Outfit

      Shantae dressed as Nadia

    3. Sunset Boulevardez Or Tudy Proud(Proud family)as Plata Peligrosa or Voltura(El Tigre)
      All moms and their kids are either friends or enemies.

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    5. (Totally Spies) Alex as Aveline(assassin's creed) Sam as Kim Possible and Clover as Blackwidow
      All spies and/or agents

  8. Elvira, Lillian Munster, and Morticia Addams... all as well-hung shemales running a serious threeway on Samantha Stevens (from Bewitched). Personally, I vastly prefer your realistic "comics" style rather than the more simplified cartoonish style of more recent times, but anything would be great!

    Hasta la vulva!


  9. Janine Melnitz! (Ghostbusters!) Getting gangbanged by the gang. Velma and Daphne! You've never done Daphne!!

  10. Something something, futa, something!

  11. Ryoko Hakubi getting spooky tentacled.

  12. Daphne Blake dressed as Wilma Flintstone getting the business from Fred Jones dressed as Barney Rubble.

    Or Wuya and Penelope Spectra dressed as each other, sexually touching each other.

  13. Maude Flanders(The simpsons) in her ghost form getting with Casper the friendly ghost or Danny Phantom
    Or her in her devil form getting with Satan or Spawn(comics) or Dante(Devil may cry)

    1. Vicky from Fairy Oddparents with Wendy from gravity falls and frankie from foster's home as one another or their fusion form with gogeta or gotenks

      Eris from billy and mandy as Sedusa from powerpuff girls or the other way around both can change their appearance, are temptress, related to greek mythology, and sometimes when they laugh their hair goes crazy

    2. Vicky and Penelope spectra as one another
      Look similar

      Chowder as Garfield or either

      Tuesday x as tuesday from the addams family

      Lois griffin as mystique and Hot Meg as Rogue

      Vampirella as Elvira

  14. Gravity Falls characters, Ghostbusters costumes
    - Wendy dressed as Janine and Dipper dressed as Egon
    Afterall, they were the only ones not taken by the ghosts. (except possibly Robbie but who cares about him?)

  15. Gravity falls: futa-Maybel titfucking a busty Wendy
    Family guy: a costumed futa-lois titfucking a busty marge
    Foster's home for imaginary friends: a Futa-Goo titfucking frankie

    Basically all things futa-titfucking related :P

  16. Great X)

    This is my spooky idea: Candace, Frankie and Starfire the three with huge boobs being fucked by alliens.

  17. Kinda last minute idea, Rotty Tops going backstage with Lord Raptor as an undead groupie might be kinda fun. Not often zombies are very sexy but in Rotty Tops' case she damn well is.

  18. Ok finally got some more free time, here's some more ideas which I hope are more in tune with the halloween vibe and still simple

    1. Cum-pleted Concoction
    Sucy from Little Witch Academia getting a dual blast of needed ingredients for her bubbling potion in a cauldron, Mariska (Lollipop Chainsaw) and Ms. Fortune (skullgirls) at her sides slightly off screen, both smiling smug, hung and doing the blasting

    Sucy -
    Mariska -
    Nadia Fortune -

    2. "Impending Impalement"
    Girlycard from Hellsing series sitting and grinding between his ass, the cock of either his beloved servant Carmilla from Castlevania, or soon to be slayer Buffy (movie version)

    Girlycard (Alucard) -
    Carmilla -
    Buffy (Film) -

    3."Natural Fuc*BURP*ing 20!!" or "Thats an *URP* Eyeful!"
    Summer from Rick and morty dressed as Sheila from the D&D cartoon getting wrapped and spit-roasted by the Beholder

    Summer -
    Sheila's outfit -
    Beholder -

    4. Dip in the Honeypot
    Stocking Anarchy (from Panty and Stocking) dressed as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, candy coating or candy dipping a thick dildo and about ready to ram it in the pussy of Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

    Stocking -
    Gamora -
    Honey Lemon -

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  20. Name: Crowley

    I should really do something like this with my friends... seems like fun.
    I would think it to be interesting if you did something with Silent Hill crossed with Resident Evil. Perhaps Ada Wong (Ada's Wong, joke here)

    dressed as a Silent Hill nurse

    Or Leon Vs. Pyramid Head... Yaoi, yo... Or just straight up fighting, either way, it would be interesting...

  21. Ooh! one more suggestion!

    Aki Hinata from Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso) Dressed as Bayonetta letting cute angel boys or girls (of your choice) hump her thighs, ass or tits for their sweet Halloween treat

    Aki -
    Bayonetta -

  22. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (from Phineas and Ferb) dressed as a goth Bride of Frankenstein, fucking Norm the Robot (dressed as Frankenstein's Monster) because she thinks Norm is her boyfriend, Monty Monogram, dressed up as Frankenstein's Monster. Norm uses Doof's Fuckinator to keep Vanessa too excited to figure out who she's really fucking.

  23. Other mother from Coraline as a futa fucking Mavis from Hotel Transylvania doggy style

  24. Thanks for contributing everyone!

    Much fun was had and I learn a lot in the process. I also just transitioned into using CLIP STUDIO PAINT (they had a fantastic sale). All the lines you see were done using their nifty vector layer tool.

    I will do one more pic before calling it for this Halloween. I'll also eventually post the lines only version later on.

    You all have a great upcoming Halloween!