Thursday, September 28, 2017

Slutias Gothica (Commission)

(Commissioned by LPM.)

"Sam marvels at the sight of Danny's member, licking her lips while thinking how much larger than she remembers. As the thick, throbbing rod slides into Sam's thick tight ass, Star (still awestruck at the sheer size) was more impressed that Sam was able to fit it up her butt. Paulina scoffs on the side, telling Star to shut up about the moaning goth slut. After a long deep kissing session, Sam shamelessly groans while riding her lovers monster cock, Danny barely has time to confess his passions before loosing months worth of thick Jizz into her snatch, much to his friend with benefits delight."

(Full pic can be found here, Hentaifoundry, or Pixiv.)

SUBJECT: Danny-Phantom, Danny-Fenton, Sam-Manson, Paulina, Star


  1. So what's next? A taboo relations lesson through Jazz' crotch zipper from the first pic? Star getting a starring role?

    1. LPM probably go back to Symbiotic Titans next >_<