Saturday, September 9, 2017

Brainstorming: Halloween Draw-a-thon 2017

The witching season is coming up again: let the Halloween theme pic suggestions in!

Here are the rules: keep it Halloween themed. Bringing up your obvious dream harem is an easy way to not make it on the list. Please link to references that may help (especially the more obscure ones).

Have fun everyone and let your imagination fly.

 UPDATE: And with Dead and Loving It, the Halloween Draw-a-thon 2017 ends. I was on pace to do almost 8 pics this year but between Blade Runner 2049 and helping some friends move, I still managed to get six down. Thanks to all who contributed.


  1. Futa!Mariska cumming inside of Juliet Starling, both from Lollipop Chainsaw. They are dressed as each other

  2. Dipper Pines and Tambry at a summerween party. Tambry is dressed like a witch, riding Dipper's cock during a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

  3. Season 2 of Stranger Things will be out soon on Netflix!

    How about a sexier, more tentacle-anime scene for Barb's finale in the pool from season 1? Heck, turk, you could have some fun turning it into a hentai-adaptation like Urotsukidoji, La Blue Girl or Bible Black.

    Barb's pool scene in question, poor Barb:

  4. Any of the Dead by Daylight characters would fit well into this. There's 2 groups of characters, the killers and survivors, as well as a nice balance of males and females in both. So you can fake your pick.

  5. Teen Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated in her old Optimus Prime costume and it is somewhat revealing do to it being small and she's having sex with a Werewolf.

  6. Either Goliath banging Elisa Maza in her halloween costume ( )


    Extreme Ghostbusters' Kylie Griffin getting screwed by god of Halloween Samhain or a couple random minions upon his command.



  7. Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory dressed as Dr. Octopus from Spiderman? Perhaps he loses control of the tentacles when he goes trick or treating with Dexter's Mom, and they sexually assault her? Or perhaps Dee Dee is screwing around with his costume down in the lab, and she gets fucked by them?

  8. there's a crossover episode of teen titans go and powerpuff girls where starfire and raven dress up in powerpuff girl outfits (starfire is bubbles raven is buttercup) it'd be hot to see them in those outfits getting fucked by some monster or something

  9. Vicky from Fairly Oddparents with ginormous tits and ass, dressed up as Asuka Langley (NGE) in her plugsuit, getting it on with an extremely hung Timmy Turner who is wearing Shinji Ikari's plugsuit.

  10. The kindly neighbor lady from Dexter's Laboratory dressed as a pumpkin with the stem plugging her giant ass, bending over in front of the viewr while looking for something she dropped
    This is what her outfit looks like


    This classy ghostly gal, just has so much love to give, probably one of the only reasons to watch the Slayers knockoff.

    She's so aggressive with her love I could see her exhausting many of the male ghosts out there, practically sucking the unlife out of them. Casper, Beetlejuice, Danny Phantom, Slimer? The best ghost blowjobs you'll find around y'all!

    1. Why not put Dipper and Mabel in place of the Warriors for Hire with Penny Plasm?

      Dipper is more reluctant to accept Penny's advances while Mabel is totally trying to ship them together...until Penny tries to make Dipper a ghost just like her...

  12. Bat silhouettes lingerie clad Hekapoo from Svfoe wearing a small jack o lantern crown with her flame as the candle giving Marco a treat.

    Theodora from legend quest the series in a sultry with costume that is sure to raise the dead and Leo while angel Marcella looks at her saying "big deal I'm a sexy witch every day"


    Amanda O'Neil from Little Witch Academia has one of the most stripperific scenes in the OVA while demonstrating her "broom dancing".

    The only other witch out there that ties her powers to sexy dance moves is Bayonetta. They might make quite a pair.

    Dreadlord Jaina's dance emote in Heroes of the Storm is also VERY stripperific, but she's a sorceress rather than a witch if that makes a difference...

    1. Witch Mercy from Overwatch know how to dance too...the Hustle is where it's at!

  14. Marcline, Princess bubblegum and Finn go to Holloween Princess hardcore Holloween party/orgy

  15. Hmm, well couple more suggestions from Ruenscape.

    Maggie, Aggie and Wendy, three witches from Draynor Village taking part in the yearly Halloween events by preparing a new cauldron meal for the witches across Gielinor. However, a special ingredient is missing. Luckily, plenty of virile young adventurers are more than willing to spare some fresh sauce with a bit of coaxing.

    The three witches jerking, sucking and tasting cocks and cum as they gather around a cauldron bubbling with the gooey white gooey. References for the witches follow.

    Alternatively, the three Challenge Mistresses of Gielinor are dealing with a challenge of their own as the treat-or-treat in an effort to outdo one another for the most candy collected. Once more, virile adventurers are willing to offer aid for the right sort of dutiful treat-or-treater who shows they really put their hearts into the costumes.

    Far dressed as saucy pirate, Heriau dressed as a scantily wrapped mummy, Rashida dressed as a seductive demon, each clutching an overflowing bag of candy as they work on the cream filled treats in front of them. Reference pages follow.

  16. Perona from One Piece fucking or masturbating in front of the Bears of We Bare Bears, dressed up as her subordinate Kumashi

  17. Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and Lydia from Beetlejuice having fun in a pumpkin patch with tenticly vines

  18. Danny Phantom using his cloning powers to gangbang Phantasma from Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School.

  19. Cody from Total Drama Island getting a last minute Trick or Treat from Gwen, both dressed up in halloween attire, Cody either as a mummy or frankenstein monster, and dear Gwen perhaps as a very sexy vampire. Sexual position can be open to anything really, titfuck blowjob combo, or riding cowboy style. - (Gwen on the right, Cody in the middle)

  20. Frankenstein's bride and Dracula's brides vs a bunch of super hung trick or treaters at the local haunted house no less

  21. Nico Robin in slutty witch cowgirl dress fucked hard by luffy while vinsmoke reiju sucks on his dick that's being stretch from Robins pussy through her mouth to reiju

  22. Morty from the Black Lagoon!

    A spoof on the poster above, but with Lizard Morty: and Jessica.

  23. lily and eddie munster trick AND treat

  24. Are there any Overwatch Halloween Terror skins you're anticipating, turk?

    Zarya with a giant dong (give her the Sonya treatment), all dressed up like the Bride of Frankenstein, getting a little bit of TLC from Ghostbusters themed Mei?

    Don't like the Ghostbusters Mei? How about Mystery Mei? Sort of a fusion of Scooby Doo's Velma sweater and skirt and Gravity Fall's Wendy rubber boots?

    Really though, I just want to see what kinda ideas turk has on his own for Overwatch characters in proper Halloween gear before Blizzard announces anything. Then we get to see how accurate your predictions are!

  25. maybe a Planet 51 themed parody

    Alien vs Teens/Moms or r63 of xenomorph dog in a halloween outfit vs mail man/women

  26. How about that zombie girl from Sega, Zobiko?

  27. First of all, I want to say how I'm a big fan of your works. Thanks for all you did!
    If I can make a suggestion, it would be these two vampire ladies, Maxine Schreck and Mona De Lafitte.
    Maybe sucking/titfucking some monster of your choice.

  28. Hope at the very least, some portions of my ideas will be of use to ya Turk.

    1. Monstrous Full Nelson (Witch Mercy / Zoey with Tank)

    A Tall Muscular Frankenstein Monsterish man grabs hold of a Busty Beauty in front of him and Restrains her arms and legs above her head. Then proceeds to use his Monsterous Dick to Continously pound her Pussy/Ass Hard and roughly. Leaving the Busty Beauty to be trapped in a cycle of pleasure.

    2. Undead Orgy AfterSex

    A Heroine (of my choices or your own), lays on the floor, covered all over in Zombie Cum. She Satisfied the zombies hunger for Brains, with a taste of Booty AND Boobies.

    With a different expression depending if the woman is survived and is still Human or Succumbed and is a Brainless Zombie Slut

    Survivors should be smug and Satisfied knowing they bested the Zombie Horde

    Zombified Girls should have their mouth opens and tongues out. Wanting more.

    Survivor examples: Jill Valentine / Excella Giornne / Sheva Alomar

    Zombie Slut examples: Posessed Pharah / Vamp Symmetra / Shantae in Zombie Colors

    3. Brotherly Spitroast [Normal or Upside Down] Shantae with Zombie Colors

    Thanks to some Magical Trickery from RottyTops, Shantae has become a Zombie. Poe and Abner see beyond Shantae's Brains and notice her full figure. The Two bros decide to Share Shantae and spitroast her. Abner Fucking her Mouth, and Poe pounding her Booty.

  29. Wednesday Addams, riding some guys cock while he's tied up in her torture chamber for just such an occasion.

  30. Asian ghosts Hisako and Hsien-Ko being knotted by werewolves Sabrewulf and Jon Talbain?

  31. Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake: Masters of Romance!
    If anyone remembers this episode of Adventure Time, Finn starts using Marceline's own advice on the Vampire Queen after he starts crushing on her.

    She turns into the following tentacle monster to try and dissuade him (which doesn't work):

    Instead of Finn and Marceline, sub in Fionna and Marshall Lee in the tentacle monster form. Fionna gets to be air-tight on Couples Only Movie Night!

  32. Diablo III necro mounted by a hound.

  33. Aero the Acrobat has a pervy anime drooling face as Morrigan Aensland, Rouge the Bat, and Jenny the Bat (Bloody Roar) stand behind him with their big tits out. One of the girls rest their boobs on his head.

  34. Hello, I'm the sp00ky t00ns guy from last year, and I'm just wondering, do you want new ideas? Some of the stuff people posted looked cool from last year, but I can understand if you want fresh meat. (RIP Nelliespell ;_;... JK)

    1. You totally should bring up cool ideas that were overlooked from last year, just make sure you try to sell the ideas.

      Make scenarios exciting so Turk doesn't look at the first sentence and throws it in the trash bin.

      Seriously. If you guys are passionate about your requests, show it in your posts. This is a friendly reminder to EVERYONE here.

    2. Your post actually gave me confidence. Thanks!
      My post last year was Freddy DeSpaghetti tentacling one of the witches from Witches in Stitches.


      Freddy's a pasta-based parody of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.


      Nelliespell would be the only witch who is think could work with her body type.

      TBH, I want this because these were my favorite Halloween cartoons as a kid and there's no rule34 of them... I's appriciate of you'd so much as consider it, Turk!

    3. Look at that! First in line and everything! ;D

    4. Seriously, thank you, the both of you!

  35. 1. Nightmare Silent Hill Hospital (from the Steven Universe ep)
    essentially hospital themed halloween party goes wrong with

    Connie Maheswaran
    her mom Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran

    both dressed as hello nurses and getting wrecked by the thick cock of Pyramid head

    thinking one of them riding, the other will be fisted like their ass is a sword sheath

    2. Translyvania Pole Dancing or Monster Booooooob-kkake~~
    Mavis from Hotel Transylvania cartoon (cause that design is much cuter to me)

    getting taught how to stripper pole dance and twerk the broom between the sweet cheecks by Amanda O'Neil from Little Witch Academia

    -----or Mavis groping Booberella from Simpsons (Elvira Parody)

    and her big tits for a multi monster mash bukkakke on her booooobs, the cum pooling between her groped tits and maybe have some big candy corn or apples floating in the spunk. Basically an excuse to draw multiple different kinda movie monster cocks :P

  36. 3. Angel Food
    The cute priest trap from Disgaea 2

    getting either a tongue lashing on his ass and spread hole or made ready to ride a Bad Dragon type dildo in bdsm straps and put onto a dinner plate for a meal by some evil witch bitches like

    Shinagami from TMNT

    and/or Debbie Harry (Witch from Tales from the Darkside Film)

    4. Carved Snatch's treats
    Cindry-Chan from One Piece (the zombie girl with the plates)

    with Harley Quinn from Gods and Monsters DC movie,

    getting tied to chairs, legs spread with taped spread ass cheeks, pussies, and mouths mouth gags, both of them set up like those grab candy from the candy bowl on the porch deals except its "one cock per hole, don't be messy"

  37. 5. Goblin Bobbin
    Chromie in her goblin/Fel Queen skin

    and Goblin Princess from Tower girls

    on their hands and knees, chain collars around their necks as they made to worship and suck off the Goblin Slayer's thick mansword and balls

    while other goblin gals (or at least those in goblin outfits/costumes or hell just even ears) are watching and waiting for their turn

    6. Nightmare Bitches
    Dream Girl from Legion of Super Heroes

    in the dream releam, getting her big cock molested and stroked by the bishounen girl Freddy Krueger

    aiming her cock to cum or about to all over yo-kai watch girl Sandi

    who makes the dreams/nightmares last longer and both of them telling Dream Girl a la Scary Terry "Sweet Dreams BITCH!!"

    Sorry for making 3 posts for these ideas, blogpost wouldn't let me post it as one whole thing! >__<

  38. Sorry. Last minute update to one of my ideas from my post. Learned that Wayforward was doing a game based off the The Mummy 2017 Movie. and thought it would be fitting if Ahmanet (New Mummy) and Rotty Tops would be the ones giving an undead Spitroast to Shantae.

    Same Pose, just two futa undead girls to replace the original two brothers.

    Undead Spitroast [Normal or Upside Down] Shantae with Zombie Colors

  39. This one obscure spooky beauty from the video game "Don't Starve" her name is Charlie and she's the "Shadow Queen."

    I'd like to suggest a scene with her doing a cabaret/burlesque scene with sexy lingerie and all those things

  40. Dixie Grim/Malsombra from the spanish movie animation "Daddy, I'm a Zombie"?

  41. Carrigan Crittenden from that Casper movie?

  42. Can you draw Amelie from the dash game "Amelie’s Cafe: Halloween", "serving" some monster

  43. Maybe these three "death" incarnation in comics, Lady Death (Chaos Comics), Death (Vertigo/DC) and Death (Marvel) having sex?

  44. Jessica Rabbit dressed as Aqua from kingdom hearts opens the door to a kid dressed as Sora
    Reference to Aqua(

  45. Broozer from Mario fucking Lah from Sonic because porn involving boxing ghost are a rarity.

  46. Nico Robin from one piece wearing her thriller bark outfit and a witches hat getting screwed hard by nightmare luffy and loving it

  47. Serana (Skyrim) and Rayne (BloodRayne) doing a double paizuri to the classic movie vampire Dracula played by Christopher Lee.

  48. How about an entire scene done in blacklight?

    "Looks like a crime scene in my mouth!"
    -Wendy Corduroy, Gravity Falls

    The Halloween episode of the Loud House has Luna Loud painted up as a skeleton, which lights up brilliantly in her blacklight lit musical number.

    I believe Dr. Falicier from the Princess and the Frog had a similar type of set up.

    Maybe we can see the aftermath of Luna and Falicier's own "musical", a most colorful display of neon bodily fluids.

  49. Something about dads bonding with their daughters for Halloween, and what's better than when the dad is pure evil? Choose your favorite pair if you want: Diablo (Diablo 2 form) with Leah (Diablo 3), Trigon with Raven (DC, Teen Titans), Abadeer in his monster form and Marceline (Adventure Time), Aku and Ashi (Samuraï Jack)...

  50. Heroes of the Storm just added their Hallow's End event with an amazing new "Vampire Hunter V" skin for Valeera.

    I think Van Helsing Mcree from Overwatch's Halloween Terror and "V" would go really well together, some serious stake-bait going on.

  51. Can I suggest the nurse and the zombie wife from that old movie "I Walked with a Zombie" having a threesome with the black zombie from the same movie?

  52. Emily the Strange and Ashley the witch from Wario games

  53. My last Idea for the last week of October! total 80's Crossover and both taking place during Halloween

    Jacket from the Hotline Miami series

    Taking on the strongest woman in the world sporting leg warmers, 80's Zayra

    One game rooting in the costume spirit and horror of the season and the other just a cash grab in loot boxes XD

    I'm calling it "I was Bred in the USA"
    - Zarya receives a balls deep Miami history lesson, Better Rekt then Red Comrade

    essentially i was thinking of the instant loss 2koma (2 panel) format, of Zarya mocking Jacket's mask, then receiving the balls deep lesson via doggy-stlye, pinning her against the wall weak in the knees or bent over and his bat around her neck or in a head lock to keep her in place, and they either be in an city alley way or in a stripper club a la 80's miami

    2koma loss example:

    course it doesn't have to be 2 panels, it was just a way to express the idea, i'd be more then happy if its just the 80's Zarya ownage on an american spooky night

  54. Continue using Bayonetta as a futa in other nintendo costumes messing around with other witches. Maybe her dressed up like Samus getting deep into Madam Mim?

  55. Nikki Wong from 6teen?