Thursday, June 7, 2018

An Enchanted Encounter (Commission)

(Commissioned by Beelzeboobs.)

"After helping save the Multiverse, Android 18 decides to take a vacation to another universe, and leave Krillin with Maron for a couple of days. After arriving on that universe's Earth, she comes across a strange, whimsical forest, and an even stranger Swordswoman.

Soon after entering this forrest and seeing the women, 18 faints, only to be awakened by the Swordswoman, who introduces herself as Shigure Kousaka. 18, still a bit hazy, asks Shigure about this forrest, and how it was able to knock her out. Shigure explains the forest has magical properties; it can help make you much stronger than you are, but it messes with your mind and body. While Shigure was talking, 18 trailed off and noticed the massive cock she was stuffing in her fundoshi. Almost instinctively, without hesitation, 18 grabs at Shigure's massive hidden weapon.

"So, that's the kind of training you want to do, huh?" Shigure responded.

"I..I couldn't help myself, your cock looks way bigger than my husband's." 18 says after Shigure grabs her hands.

Shigure flops her enormous cock out and it lands square on 18's face, "I'll help you train that boipussy of yours."

"Boipussy!?", 18 replies. Shigure points at 18's chest and nethers.

"How the fuck did I turn into a guy!? Did the forest do this!?" Shigure nods.

18 shrugs, "Whatever, its a vacation, I won't question it."

18 and Shigure begin their sweaty, sexy, lubed up, week long training session.

Krillin Owned Count: 36

SUBJECT: Dragonball, Android 18, Kenichi, Shigure Kosaka


  1. Looking great! Haven't seen anything Shigure related in years, awesome :)