Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dick Batter Extraction (Commission)

(Commissioned by Blackknife12.)

"Haydee is an android built specifically to extract the cum from a male/female/shemale volunteer for the process of studying the DNA of each specimen: humans, anthros, etc.

Marcus, a well endowed 18 year old Siberian husky, volunteering for what he insinuated to be a normal sperm bank. Little did he know, One of Haydee's features include a 'Breeding mode', allowing the busty curvaceous android to take the husky's 14 inch thick doggy pole and ride it reverse cowgirl style. Marcus has never donated sperm before, but if Haydee's job was doing the dick batter extraction, then 'donating sperm' shall be added onto his hobbies list."


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