Saturday, August 27, 2016

EMP vs. THE INCREDIBLE GULK!!! (Commission)

 (Commissioned by maskedmarmoset.)

"Did Emp's team, The SuperHomeys, send out their "associate member" (read: intern) to take on a threat that no superchica has  been able to tackle yet! Will Emp succeed in her mission? Did the Superhomeys know beforehand that the Gulk!'s rampage could only be stopped by satiating him with nubile young superchicas? Are Emp's formidable lips up to the challenge??!! Is Emp going to be spending the four hours helplessly regurgitating the Gulk's potent egg n' cream hotshots, while bent over the apartment toilet?

Read on and find out!!!"

SUBJECT: Empowered, Elissa Megan Powers

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