Thursday, May 26, 2016

Leia's Motherly Touch: Beach Bunny Madness Part II (Commission)

(Commissioned by maskedmarmoset.)

A tawdry scene from chapter 6 of Leia’s Motherly Touch:Twice the Trouble, Double the Fun.

"Long ago, on  beach far, far away.....

Drive to distraction by problems both personal and political, Princess Leia decides to take a brief pit-stop on the lovely beaches of Mon Calamari, accompanied by her young son Anakin, her foster-sister Winter, and Prince Terek of Hapes. Nothing strange or bad could happen on a isolated beach, right?"

Unedited version can be found here.

SUBJECT: Star Wars, Princess Leia, Winter, Anakin Solo, Terek Ka Djo

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