Saturday, July 25, 2015

Twin Magick (Commission)

(Commissioned by PyroWildcat.)

Be ready for anything on the beach; not only might you come across a character from a completely different story, but you might be the target of a perverted witch who is experimenting with some alteration spells.

SUBJECT: Nico Robin, One Piece, Shantae, inflation


  1. Hey Mr.Turk, Im a long time fan of yours since early 2014. Been trying to replicate that stroke you did on this marvelous piece of work. If I may ask how do you do it SO SMOOTH? I have manga studios and SAI but either i messing something up, or just not doing it right. I can tell you use Manga Studio because of that flower petal background on this commission. Mind spilling the beans on your step and set up. Like a screenshot perhaps?

    1. Heh, it's really nothing magical.

      Here's my process in CLIP STUDIO PAINT/Manga Studio:
      1) I use Pencil(Dark Pencil) brush to sketch in the loose base lines. Then set the layer opacity to 20%.
      2) Use the same brush to do the final lines: these lines are often not just one stroke since I've yet to find a tablet or program that lets me do one smooth controlled stroke consistently (at least ones that don't look artificial). The lines are often multiple strokes.
      3) If the resulting lines are dark enough, I leave it alone. If not, I duplicate the layer and play with the opacity of the duplicate layer to see how darker I want the lines.
      0) Lots and lots of multiple strokes, testing and undoing and testing and erasing....

      I'll upload my latest commish with a short anigif to show you my process.