Sunday, July 27, 2014

Leia's Motherly Touch (Commission)

(Commissioned by Pyro.)
Princess Leia's youngest son, Anakin, has a cock that's enormous.  Perhaps too big.  (Damn midichlorians!)  So per doctor's orders, it's up to her to make sure her son is masturbating regularly to keep his balls empty and his levels balanced.  Leia is a mother that's happy to take her son's... health into her own hands.
This commission was for the cover of Pyro's Leia's Motherly Touch story which you can find here.
(Well worth reading, he's an excellent writer.)

SUBJECT: Star Wars, Princess Leia, Anakin Solo


  1. AMAZING work Turk. Glad to see Pyro going back to classic Star Wars for commission work, but I do have a question for Pyro...

    "Perfectly round nipples, a big puffy and erect and they were so… perky, but not bolted on to her chest like a pair of inflatables."

    Was that a jab at what I like to commission from Turk? ;D

  2. Actually it might have been, haha. I can't recall exactly but it might have occurred to me at the time when I was writing it.

  3. Even if it were not on purpose, well played sir.