Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brainstorming: Halloween 2013

Toss down any ideas you may have for Halloween.

I will attempt something different this time around for Halloween: I will attempt to draw/sketch roughly one picture per week for October.

As per usual, please keep it within the theme, don't throw in random characters just because you like them. Doing a crossover for crossover sakes will not get you more brownie points. You know, just create a scene or cosplay that has an appropriate story behind it.


  1. Hmm, well going to go ahead and try something I've been thinking on.

    Runescape has a sadly small amount of erotica to it and I think that should change.

    One of the icons of Halloween is the Witch. One Halloween some years back a new quest was revealed centered on a witch named Maggie and her apprentice Wendy, whom were mixing something up in their cauldron and asked players for help, rewarding them with magic goulash and a broomstick. This whole bit took play near Draynor Village, also suitably spooky as the small settlement was stalked by a Vampire (until the player slew him) and also had another friendly which named Aggie whom would create dyes for people.

    Now my idea is this. This Witching Season is once again come and Maggie, Aggie and Wendy decide to put their heads together for something truly spectacular. They gather the ingredients and get things set, planning to make a sight sure to kick off the season...and something goes terribly wrong. or right, depending on your view. Their cauldron instead creates or summons a tentacled creature that quickly takes advantage of the three witches, hoisting them in the air and binding them so as not to disrupt his eager ministrations.

    Alternatively, if a broomstick idea might be more fetching, perhaps animated broomsticks (ala Fantasia) with a phallic twist.

    Here is some reference material for the girls if you decide you want to give it a shot.

    Whatever you decide to work on this month, looking forward to the tricks and treats both, Turk.

    1. This was actually a really good idea and I would have drawn it too except I have no experience with Runescape >_<

  2. I'm just gonna be direct, how about Marceline from Adventure Time with a dick cause she is a shape shifter sexing up Bubblegum or another girl from Adventure Time. I figured Marceline has already got the Halloween look and Bubblegum could easily be dressed up.

    Or Huntress Wizard
    controlling some pumpkin vines to do Marceline and Bubblegum in every hole.

    1. Good idea, was not going to do it because I had already done a couple Adventure Time related stuff recently. Look forward to some Marceline come the annual gift pic dump.

    2. Yeah I Figured but thanks for responding and nice!

  3. Little Witch Academia: Akko, Lotte, and Sucy all around a witch's cauldron labelled "Kickstarter" just overflowing with Kickstarter-Backer's spunk. Bonus if Diana is tied up in the middle of the pot, looking grumpy and soaked.

    Some crossover ideas with Little Bitch Bordellia could include Harry Potter and Kiki's Delivery Service, but nothing to really tie it all together to make it any fun...

    1. This would work if I had just done ONE pic this Halloween.

  4. Annie Hughes taking Hogarth Trick or Treating! Except he's got his dick in his bag and he wants to give his mom a treat :)

  5. Asajj Ventress dressed as Magpie from "Beware the Batman," we are lacking decent content in both characters.

  6. Jack o lantern folklore maybe some ideas:

    - MIB animated series
    It’s Halloween night and trick-or-treating with the worms gets dangerous when Jay comes across an alien that kidnaps children.

    - Jack tricked the devil again
    Jack played by samurai jack and the devil by haku
    (maybe fem. jack x male haku or male Jack x fem. haku ; jack could wear a green lantern outfit in his style and a ring attached to his...-_-

    Dark Vegan from johnny test (maybe female version) have to handle with some angry children after giving them vegetables instead of candies.(maybe his daughter joins in too.

    Ugly Americans episode "Callie and Her Sister"
    Mark and lillith having a father daughter moment after a long candy hunt tour( maybe a grinning/ahego face pumpkin filled with candy in the

    maybe some candy hunt on adventure time character who made a short appeareance?

    or CP make a "hunt" on a monster...

    or game/anime/cartton characters dressed in there concepts art outfits
    (have to find the ref./ pics again)

  7. maybe frankensteins monster showing angry villagers( one or two ) the real "burn", or a female version have to show that she is not bad maybe with
    dr .frankenstein
    or dr. frankenstein ( and dracula from the van hellsing movie) gets nailed by the him!

    1. Lots of good ideas, I picked a choose from a couple.

  8. what you think about "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" dressed like Marge Simpson or viceversa?

    1. Gave me some inspiration for the week 4 pic.

  9. I'm usually not one for ideas that are too necrotic, but I think Squigly from Skullgirls would punish Rottytops from Shantae for being improper and unrefined. Que some long-range poking using Leviathan as a dildo; I'm imagining some kinda fighting-game pose turned perverted, like Squigly is in the midst of a mid air-combo, Rottytops utterly helpless while her ass is juggled.

  10. Callie from Ugly Americans having fun with Heloise from Jimmy Two Shoes and Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy possibly doing sexy costumes of their male counterparts....

  11. These are a few ideas from off the top of my head:

    Teen Titans: Raven, Starfire, Tera (Super girls)

    Hellsing: Seras Victoria (Super hot vampire girl)

    Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Marge & Lisa

    Invader Zim: Gaz (Goth girl. I'm a big fan of the Darnact/Bigdad style)
    Danny Phantom: Maddie, Jazz, Sam, Dani, Paulina & Star, Desiree, Ember, Spectra (Ghosts/Ghost Hunters)

    Ben 10: Charmcaster & Gwen (Magic Girls)

    One Piece: Nami, Nico Robin (Pirates)

    Ninja Girls from Bleach/Naruto

    Scooby Doo: Velma, Daphne (Mystery Hunters)

    Kim Possible: Kim Possible, Shego, Ann, Monique, Bonnie (Action/Adventure)

    Tomb Raider: Lara Croft (Action/Adventure)

    Various Comic Book Women: Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Super Girl, Cat Woman, Zatana, She-Hulk, Black Cat, Rogue, Jean Grey, Storm, Mystique, Bat Girl, Lois Lane

  12. Forgot to include pics:

    Seras Victoria:


    I think the rest are pretty easy to invision. Happy Haunting!

  13. 3 little kitties - jenny (bucky o'hare)
    Jenny016.jpg 704×472 pixels
    salem (sabrina the teenage witch)
    char_30609.jpg 210×240 pixels
    blaze the cat (sonic the hedgehog)
    Sonicchannel_blaze.png 456×760 pixels

    white stripes - eunice (hotel transylvania)
    Eunice.jpg 1,975×3,000 pixels
    -morgana macawber (darkwing duck)
    morgmoonlight.jpg 359×382 pixels
    freakazoid (freakazoid)
    Freakazoid.JPG 275×275 pixels

    horny devils - callie maggotbone (ugly americans)
    Callie_Maggotbone_transparent.png 570×2,123 pixels
    - tina and mandy hellman (neighbors from hell)
    neighborshell042010.jpg 722×575 pixels
    - pixie (monster rancer)
    -M-R-Monster_Rancher_-_11_-_Pixie's_Defeat_-DVD-.avi_snapshot_13.06_-2013.01.29_08.15.24-.jpg 640×480 pixels
    - devil lady (devil lady anime)
    Devil_Lady_Anime.jpg 301×433 pixels
    - jez (jimmy two shoes)
    Jez_2.png 413×559 pixels

    darkstalking - felicia (darkstalkers)
    MvC3Felicia.png 850×1,200 pixels
    - morrigan (darkstalkers)
    Morrigan.JPG 900×1,080 pixels
    - queen bee (darkstalkers)
    UDONQBee.png 443×600 pixels
    - hsien ko (darkstalkers)
    Lei-Lei.jpg 400×630 pixels

    white as a ghost - mysteria (ghostbusters)
    5682240700_aaea50af65.jpg 500×375 pixels
    - ember mclane (danny phantom)
    Ember_First_appearance.png 639×1,347 pixels
    - bella la ghostly (groovey ghoulies)

  14. Misty, May, and any of the other pokemon girls doing anything, possibly the new trainer!

    Because the new Pokemon is being released in just a few days, and there is more than enough Pokemon to choose from, like Gengar and the like.

    1. Really good idea, I really like drawing something that's timed relevantly... this was a finalist for this year.

  15. Halloween is always about creepy ass things, and nothing is more creepier then a social loner or outcast who goes psycho in a split second, so my halloween idea

    Tomoko from "Its your fault i'm not popular"

    pinning down and scaring a crying and busty L4D Witch

    Tomoko on top, clothes are slashed up but she unfazed drooling with a crazed look in her eyes are she is squeezing the Witch's big tits, nipple in each clutched hand as Tomoko is shouting "We are both ugly, how are you so popular?!" while the witch is crying and just wants to run :D

    if u like give Tomoko a cock or a strap-on aiming for the witch's hips, just to make the witch even more afraid, lol

  16. Another suggestion and i think this is more Halloween Theme'd, Vampires

    Dragon's Crown had a hawt ass rendition of Vampire girls

    and whats the best way to slay a vampire? Stake and Slayers, so my idea, DCrown's Vampire gal getting spit-roasted (ha-ha) by duo of

    Classic Buffy (1992 movie)

    And Faith from the tv series

    The stakes would either be strap-on's with a holy cross dangling off them at the base, or they could be sporting futa meat poles as they "slay" the vampire. :D

    1. Was very tempted to do the DC vampire girls but it's so niche/obscure and the design really isn't that distinct.

  17. danny phantom and mysteria from filmation's ghostbusters
    ghost humping

  18. Hey everybody, thanks for contributing this year to the Halloween thread; you really helped make this a successful experiment.

    For weeks worth of Halloween pics is enough for now and I'm gonna kick back and enjoy this final week of October.