Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brainstorming: Lunar New Year theme pic input

As per tradition, I save the new year theme pic for the lunar new year since it has a built in subject.

Lunar New Year will be on February 10 this year: the zodiac animal is the Snake.

Okay, have at it peeps: start brainstorming on said subject. As per usual, please keep it within the theme, don't just toss in random characters because you like them, they should at least belong in the scene in some way.


  1. Naga the Serpent from Slayers was the first thing to come to mind, alongside the actual naga of Blue/Deis from the Breath of Fire series.

    It's the Year of Yig the Serpent God!

  2. Oh oh, you could do Eva from MGS 3, getting Solid Snakes snake. Or biting his snake. Messing with the creation story.

  3. The Baroness seems almost necessary :S
    Otherwise,i cant actually think of any characters involved with snakes...dragons more often but snakes im a bit lost now.

  4. There's another Cobra girl out there aside from the Baroness! Zarana is damn sexy in some incarnations. Even Pythona would fit, probably even more-so, unless you hated the idea of Cobra-La.

  5. here is an GI Joe snake idea. Have Serpentor standing on a stage dressed in his armor with the Cobra flag hanging behind him and him with his fists raised above his head and his head tilted back yelling his famous lines "this I command." all while Zarana and Pythona are sharing his dick and balls. Or you could replace one of the girls with the Baroness if you wanted.

  6. Havok, no crossover for the G.I. Joe babes? There are LOTS of snake themed dudes out there aside from Serpentor.

    Wrath-Amon and the Serpent-Men from Conan the Adventurer.
    Copperhead from the DCAU.
    Yes-Man from SilverHawks.
    King Hiss and his Snakemen from the MYP version of He-Man (Snake-Face is particularily Medusa like if Turk were to use a rock-hard theme).

    Even for girls, everyone's so focused on G.I. Joe you're missing out on Teela's original cobra themed costume motif, or all the Medusa babes; Dusa from Gravedale High, and Boa Hancock from One Piece (the sexiest of the Gorgon Sisters) as a few examples.

  7. All you guys are too focused on stuff from the far past, a guy could be Jaffar from "Aladdin" turns into a snake, Mara from Doctor Who For the girls i think anon above has some good ideas. I was just thinking the choices should be a little more recent.

  8. title for pic "snake pit"
    a orgy of snake people
    please include vipra from bravestarr. and cobra queen from freakazoid

  9. better idea for vipra from bravestarr and cobra queen from freakazoid. threesome with them on top of powerglide from tranformers genration 1. "snakes on a plane"